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International Service

International Service encompasses efforts to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the world and to promote world understanding and peace. It includes everything from contributing to PolioPlus to helping Rotary Youth Exchange students adjust to their host countries.

Rotary Disaster Relief

Peter Mayer has presented the work that Rotary does, towards improving the conditions of those who are suffering in the wake of disasters around the globe. This power point presentation will be useful to clubs and Rotarians who are interested in promoting the work of charities such as; S.A.R.A.I.D, International Rescue Corps Mozambique, Life Straw, Water Survival Box and Aqua Box.

Horse Racing Evening

The Rotary Club of North Worcestershire organised a Horse Racing Evening at Burcot Village Hall on Saturday March 21. It was a great success enabling the club to raise £1028 for Trade Aid which is sufficient to purchase 2 boxes. Each box contains specially selected supplies needed to provide people with a head start in recovering from a disaster, or other adversity, or to start working for themselves for the first time

Appeal for unwanted hearing aids

Rotarian Paul Wood of the Rotary Club of Birmingham has collected over 21,000 redundant hearing aids to help children in developing countries who suffer from impaired hearing. As digital hearing aids replace analogue versions, Paul has been collecting the unwanted devices to give children in third world countries such as India the chance to hear for the first time.

Guatemala Literacy Project - Tour of Guatemala

The primary aim of GLP is to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through literacy and education, often in the seriously underprivileged Mayan communities.

John Stanton from the Rotary Club of Kenilworth has recently returned from a tour of Guatemala where he visited the Guatemala Literacy Project in action. Rotarians from the USA, Canada, the Cayman Islands, the UK and Rotary International, joined with non Rotarians and GLP staff to enjoy this experience. The Tour covered 15 schools, with presentations on each of the 4 literacy programmes in different locations.

Disaster Aid UK + Ireland

Disaster Aid International is an umbrella for Disaster Aid UK + Ireland, Disaster Aid USA and Disaster Aid Australia. In the UK, Disaster Aid incorporated a product called LIFEBOX which was the very first Rotary Emergency Box, dating back to 1975 and a Rotary project of Denton and Audenshaw Rotary Club.

Jole Rider Bicycles for Africa

Collecting bicycles that people no longer need and sending them out to Africa so that children can get to school without having to walk long distances in soaring heat.

Thanks from Disaster Aid!

I thank you for the opportunity given to Disaster Aid in November to address your District. The Philippines crisis is not a headline story for the media anymore but the underlying work that still remains to be done there will take longer than a few months.

I can report that Disaster Aid are still and will continue to do so, working with our NGO Balay Mindanow, on the ground, as a Response Team. They are doing great work rebuilding family lives and communities.

Walter Thomas

Teddy Bear Project - cuddly toys to go to the Philippines!

Dear Rotary Friends

At 23:45 hours last night the last of the 2,184 Teddys and their cuddly friends set out on a long journey to Silloth-on-Solway, Cumbria via Ashford, Kent and will be at their destination later this morning.

RIBI International Committee Newsletter January 2014

The January newsletter is available for download here and contains articles on:

RIBI International Commitee Newsletter December 2013

A slightly shorter December newsletter is available for download here with a thought for the Christmas / Holiday period and an overview of an article published in The Rotary Foundation's Humanitarian Cadre Autumn publication.

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