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Business Meeting – Main Topic Club Development

By Robin Cooter - Posted on 24 August 2015

Thursday 20 August 2015

We had a discussion on reducing formality at club meetings.   A majority feel that grace and the loyal toast were seen at outdated at meetings such as our and could be a deterrent to younger, potential members.   There was some feeling that “Rotary and Peace the World Over” might be a concluding statement but not linked to a toast.  

Two members were opposed and Ian spoke strongly against change.   He raised the fact that grace should be said with the food on the table as it is a blessing for the food.   From a Christian position he is quite correct in that you are either seeking blessing of the food or giving thanks for the food.   Ian also raised the point that good manners dictated that nobody should start eating before everybody have been served.   Again correct but with the slowness in everybody getting served with hot food this could be an issue with the first people getting served starting to eat tepid food.

I would really like to have the views of members who were not present yesterday.

Members, please refer to the sheet “proposed membership action plan” that Jim emailed round prior to the meeting.

The paper was broadly accepted with individual sections coming forward for discussion / approval as the need arises.

Jim suggests that we should have a poster on the door to our room saying Rotary is meeting and who is speaking.  We should have a social media presence.  (the Napton Facebook  Page has 450 people signed up).  [ed: we have a page but it is not used much]

We need a presence at the new Southam breakfast club as an entry into the local business community. 

Can we get the Rotary magazine into doctors surgeries, etc.?  

We need a concerted effort to get out a4 / a3 poster out and on display  we need to spend money on new, modern “tear drop” banners and we need some form of “uniform” so that we are identified at events.

Jim wants a working group of 4.  Project co-ordinator – I have asked Jim to take this on and he has agreed.   He will be seeking members to fill the other 3 roles, “graphics, posters and soundbites”,  “social media correspondent” and “business partnership liaison”

Important events

10 km run.  Sunday 27th September at Draycote water (please note in the last “issue” I got the month wrong.) If you haven’t filled in the tick list please do so.   We need all the help we can get so please reserve that date in your diaries.   Richard, Phil and Dave meeting on Monday with Rugby Dunsmore to finalise plans.

Thursday 1st. October.  “Enterprise Day” at Southam College.   Can you help?  There is a tick list in the folder.

Thursday 19th. November we  (really john!) Are organising the area quiz in Leamington.   Please put the date in you diary.   I hope that most members will come down to Leamington to support the club and the event.   If you don’t would you please visit another club that week.   We are very poor at visiting other clubs and i would really like to more visits take place.