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Club Meeting - CO2 Headwinds

By Webmaster - Posted on 27 November 2015

Simon gave us a really informative talk on the future of vehicle emission legislation although I had to work hard to keep up with the technical aspects. The key points he made were

  • Although changes to CO2 emission regulation were in the pipeline the VW scandal has really set the cat (politicians) amongst the pigeons (Car manufacturers)!
  • There is different legislation throughout the world which makes life difficult for car makers. The toughest is in Russia!
  • In the EC the average emissions must drop from 130 today to 111 in 2020.
  • At present manufactures test their most efficient model in a range and this gives the figure for all models in the range, most of which will have higher level of emissions. There are planned changing to the test procedures which will identify the CO2 emissions on every model in the range and you will pay tax on that figure.
  • Weight is the critical factor in CO2 emissions and MPG. If you add fancy wheels, towbar and lots of fancy add ones you increase weight and therefore CO2 and decrease MPG.
  • CO2, which will destroy the world in time are starting to take second place to NO particulates. These can be eliminated by spraying urea (sensitivity prevents me from defining this more clearly) onto the final exhaust gasses and this has been done for some time on diesel trucks and is now being fitted to most diesel cars. JLR fit tanks for urea of about 17 ltrs.
  • Diesel cars will survive but they will become relatively more expensive and diesel motors will probably not be used in small cars with a crossover at the size of family salons. The future is in hybrid cars.

Clarification questions to Simon not me!