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Club Meeting - Roger Horsley, Chaplain to JLR Gaydon

By Robin Cooter - Posted on 04 September 2015

News update

AM is on the mend although they have not sorted out the “why” and is still undergoing tests. All being well he Will be back with us next week.

Maggie sends her thanks for all expressions of concern/support. She also insists on apologising for not giving the talk! (Why she feels the need to apologise I do not know.)

AB’s partner has visited Jombo and reports that the work is progressing well and that they anticipate completion By the time the school reopens in mid-September. (For those with short memories Jombo is a Bwengu projects school refurbishment which is being paid for with club funds and a district grant.)

We are still around 7 people short on our team to Marshal the “Run for Rotary” on 27th. September. If you Haven’t yet signed up please let DR know or if you can bring your Partner or friend, please do.

Enterprise Day, 1st October, Southam College.  At the moment it looks as if we will be rather thin on the ground. There are a few people who have not yet committed either way – we Could really do with a few more on the day!

3rd October. Tin shake at the shell garage.  AJ is organising this.

Council Meeting.

We have paid out from the “Make a Difference” fund £150 to help a family have a special day out. They are otherwise not able to take holidays.

The “membership action plan” request for funds for publicity was noted and a request for a budget will be made.

Our Speaker for the Night

Roger Horsley is a church army chaplain who work Part time at J.L.R Gaydon, which he stated now employs around 8,000 People! He explained, with a few examples, how people in the workplace felt more able to approach him with their problems which in other situations they were unlikely to do. He also highlighted the pressure on some managers who had major personal problems but yet had to “hold the hands” of new employees and at the same time deal

With some of the personal problems of their teams. He highlighted The intense pressures that workplace puts on its employees in a modern Industrial society.

He is also chaplain to Wright Hassell Solicitors (what a wonderful name for a firm of solicitors) and to Leamington District Scouts.