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Clubs and Groups

Our web sites supports the creation of 'Organic Groups'.  We use these to form groups of information for both clubs and a any other group which needs to have a collection of information.  Any member with an account can join any group.  For example, if you are an Assistant Governer you can join the organic groups for each of the clubs which you support.

Rotary Clubs

Each club has a corresponding group.  The members of the club will be routinely registered as members of the group.  (If your name is in the District Directory then this has already been done.)  Members can subscribe to changes in the group - an email is sent when something changes.

Each club will have a contact page.  Any member can write up the information about the club.  These are provided in the following categories:

  • Club Stories - which tell about news of what is happening in the club,
  • Club Events - which tell the time, location, details and contact information for an event,
  • Club Projects - which describe the on-going details of a club project, 
  • Club Page - for static information about the club (text or pictures which do not change much).

Clubs can also request a forum (for either public or private discussion), a picture gallery, a web form (to allow for thing such as surveys or event sign up).  For


Other Groups

Any other group within the District can have a group page.  This can be used in a similar way to the a club page.  Events, stories and projects can be added to the group.  As with clubs, any Rotarian can join a group.  Once they have joined they can subscribe to the group and submit content.