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Completing your Events Log

This log must be completed for all events organised by your cub to which the ‘General public’ have access or have been invited to. This does not include club social events where members’ families have been invited; although as ‘Good Practice’ these events may be recorded.

  • Date, Time, details & location of event
  • Risk Map (If required – external events only)
  • Risk assessment
  • Fully detailed description of any adverse incidents – this must include full names and contact details (address, telephone number) of any persons injured and any witnesses to the incident.
  • If no untoward incidents occur at your event make a note in the log to state that
  • The accident book must be completed and signed by the person completing it. If the injury(ies) require hospital treatment or the person to stay overnight in hospital then the HSE must be notified by forwarding a copy of the Accident Book entry to them under the RIDDOR regulations 1995 – This must be done within 10 days of the date & time of the incident
  • When completing either the Events Log or the Accident Book please ensue that you make no comments that could be construed as to either directing or accepting blame
  • Please remember that all entries both in the Events Log & the Accident Book are Strictly Confidential

A template for your events log is attached.  Please log on to download it.