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District Council

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 18:30 - 21:00
Regular meeting of the District Council
Arden School, Station Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0PT
Roger Coopey


1. 7pm. Meeting called to order by District Governor and short silence in memory of those called to higher service.

2. Welcome.

3. Apologies for absence - Secretary.

4. Confirmation of Minutes of District Council Meeting held on 21st November 2012 – copy attached.

5. Matters Arising:

6. To confirm the election of DGN (2013/14) who will be DG (2015/16) - Secretary

7. To confirm nominations for Committee Membership for 2013/14 – Secretary

8. Report of District Governor – DG Steve Cartwright

9. District Treasurer : 9.1.1. Capitation budget for 2013/149.1.2. Conference Budget – 2013

10. COL 2013 – PDG Peter Smith – see attached document

11. Rotary Wheel Appeal – Robin Surgeoner (Paralympic Athlete with 9 Gold medals)

12. Rotary & the Environment – PP Stuart Guy – Birmingham RC

13. District 1060 Peace Seminar – Paul Beedham

14. Report of District Officers and Chairmen Report of District Secretary – Roger Coopey

15. Any Other Business – for which seven days notice must be given in writing to the District Secretary

16. Question & Answer session - with District Officers


a) Discussion on Communications between Clubs and District and vice versa

b) Fellowship Trophy – does it have a future?

c) Future format of District quiz

d) Succession planning for future District Officer positions

This is an opportunity for Clubs to express their views on how communications can be improved. Clubs are also invited to submit other topics that they wish to discuss. Details of any topics to the District Secretary by 6th March please to ensure the appropriate District officer is available.

17. Next meeting: To be confirmed


Please note there are likely to be mailings for Clubs to be collected at this meeting.

Clubs not attending, and unable to arrange with another Club to collect their items, should contact their area Assistant Governor to arrange collection at a time and place convenient to both.