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Files and Attachments

All items (know as nodes) on the web site can have pictures and files attached.


Files attached to a node are listed with the node.  The list shows the name of each file and the size.  Files are only available to logged on users.  This is because they often contain personal information such as telephone numbers or email addresses.  By keeping files private we protect the identities of our members.  If you are creating an item do not rely on the attachments for public information.

To download a file select the link.

Files are uploaded by using the file attachments section of the node form.  Use the Browse button to find the file on your computer.  Once you have chosen a file press the attach button to upload it. 

You can add as many files as you wish to a node.  If you wish to change the order of the list of files you can drag the files up and down by holding the cross-shape at the left edge.

Public Files

If you need to have a public file then this can be arranged. Please attach the file you need then contact the webmaster.


Attached images are shown as small thumnail pictures.  Selecting the thumnail will take you to the full size picture.  This may also include more information about the picture.  This is called an image node.