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Firefighting in Solihull

By Ian Courts - Posted on 23 December 2014

Colin Butler, Solihull Firefighter

Those in the fire service are always well respected and supported; we all know they do a wonderful job for us and frequently put their own lives at risk;  however, perhaps we do not always know the variety of things in the community they do as part of their 'day' job?  The speaker at a recent club meeting was Colin Butler, a firefighter from Solihull Station. He also holds the position of Vulnerable Persons Officer.   In this role, he is very much out in the community, visiting schools, attending shows and giving presentations, to bring to the attention of the people of Solihull, all the work they do in promoting fire safety.  Whilst some of what he told us was well known, the scale and scope of this work surprised members.  Photo by Steve Evans, Seven Star Photography