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flying night blown off course

By Bryan Carpenter - Posted on 14 August 2015

plane landing.jpg

On our away day visit to Gloucester (Staverton) Airport on 4th August some members were hoping to be taken up for a short ride in a light aircraft. Sadly, the day turned out to be one of the windiest for some time and flying was out of the question, much to the diappointment of the members.

However we did enjoy the tour of the Control tower and find out how aircraft are controlled by the Air Traffic Controllers. We then moved on to the Jet Age Museum Tour where we learnt about the development of the jet engine and the planes that first used them. Interesting that some of the earlier fighter planes had guns fitted behind the propellars! We were assured that the bullets were timed to miss the rotating propellar.

A grea tday out concluded with a meal at the Aviator pub adjacent to the airport.