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Gary Dancer – Nepal Building Project, a Report

By Robin Cooter - Posted on 12 September 2015

News Update

We are still around 6 people short on our team to marshal the “Run For Rotary” on 27th. September. If you can Help or find others to help would you phone Dave asap as he is planning the allocation of duties this weekend.

Enterprise Day, 1st October, Southam College. At the moment it looks as if we will be rather thin on the ground. There are a few people who have not yet committed either way – we could really do with a few more on the day!

3rd October. Tin shake at the shell garage.  Annette is organising this but there are still 2 slots to fill.

Thanks to Sally who went to the business breakfast last week, which Peter Rollason was organising, and networked like mad coming back with a mass of business cards which she will follow up. This could be very useful when we start our satellite club.

Thanks to Nigel for a change in that grace became a “thought for the day” with reference to the refugee crisis.

Thanks to Annette for a very appropriate short homily on the Queen, on becoming the longest reigning British monarch, as a prelude to the loyal toast.

Speaker: Gary Dancer – Nepal Building Project.

Nuneaton Rotary Club has a link with the village of Larnagaun, near Pokra, in Nepal. Nuneaton has a Gurkha signals section based at Bramcote Barracks just outside the town. If I understood correctly a retired Senior Warrant Officer is a member of the Rotary club and this is how the link was forged. Gary was with us to talk about their water project.

Put simply the village is at the top of a hill and the water supply spring is at the bottom of the hill, which is a long way down. Collecting water can be an hour's job and in wet weather it can be slippery and dangerous, particularly when carrying a heavy load of water uphill on your back. The project involves installing a couple of solar powered pumps which will initially pump the water up from a reservoir by the spring to a tank half way up the hill and then the second pump to pump up to a tank at the top of the hill. The water will then be fed by gravity to supply the needs of the village.

The project is costing £20,000. Nuneaton R.C. Are the main financiers but a couple of other R.C.S are contributing, they hope for some grant aid and further help from clubs and individuals.

In some ways there seems to be many similarities with the Bwengo project as they have provided support for schools and have built a hostel for trekkers heading for the Annapurna range. The downstairs is filled with sewing machines where the ladies make bags etc. To sell to tourists in Pokhara and the upstairs can accommodate 8 in comfort and 20 trekkers fitted rather tightly!


You will receive from Dave very shortly the latest Bwengu projects email from the Melias, do read it. Southam 2000 can feel very proud. Admittedly Tony has made a mistake in crediting us with the rebuild and the books when we actually paid for the rebuild and the furniture but the real highlight is that in kick starting the project so much has followed on – solar lighting for students to do homework and for adult numeracy and literacy classes, bursaries, rewards for success with both adults and children, a woman’s centre to be built. The final icing on the cake for me is that students themselves have sanded down and revarnished the school furniture that was retained. It’s a real triumph for the club!