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By Bryan Carpenter - Posted on 17 September 2014


   August  2014                                                       Edition No. 273


Presidents Notes


Had a great evening last Saturday at the Studley Village Hall for the Last Night of The Proms.  We were joined by an older couple who sang quite a few of the songs.  I did notice however that the woman in the headscarf did not sing the National Anthem.


Thank you to Keith for subsidising his son David to go on his mountaineering expedition and then coming along to our meeting to detail his hairy time climbing on and around Mont Blanc.  Perhaps we should start a mountaineering club, we could start on the Lickey Hills!

Our major task this year must be to increase membership and try and get back to the days when we had over 25 active members.  A larger membership also ensures that we can mount fund raising activities more easily.  I was looking at some notes from a meeting about 15 years ago when we had raised well over £5,000 in a year.  As an added bonus a larger membership results in more fellowship and hopefully more fun.

Perhaps we should adopt the theme ‘ Better together’

I think we are making good progress on getting our Club information boards and packs together and hopefully  the evening at Sainsbury’s will be a good testing ground.  Any further suggestions on dispalys etc are most welcome.  Once we have enough information we can look to see if we can get a shop front or pop-up shop to display our wares.

I have sent two articles to the local papers, the first being an update on our activities and the second a Press release on Young Photographer.  Fingers crossed to see if they get published.

If you know anybody who may be interested in Young Photographer please inform Bryan.  If we get a few entries then we may also get their parents interested in Rotary.


Please try and start using facebook and link up with your friends and acquaintances who in turn can be directed to our Rotary pages.  Keith Lea, Robert Rainbow and myself are going to the Droitwich Clubs meeting on Thursday when the speakers topic is Social Media.  Perhaps we will twitter on about it next week.

Don’t forget if you want to keep up to date with Rotary in the UK and worldwide there is a wealth of information on the internet:

District 1060 -


RI -



I need members to organise some activity for February 3rd, March 12th and May 12th 2015.  It could simply be a meal in a pub or even mud wrestling. The choice of venue and activity is entirely up to you.  Please give it some thought.


Diary for the next 2 months




23rd Sept

Publicity Packs and Boards


30th Sept

New Members


7th Oct

Speaker – Mr Johnson on Old Redditch


14th Oct

DG Visit


21st Oct

Vocational Talks


28th Oct

Scatter Night


4th Nov

Games evening