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By Bryan Carpenter - Posted on 22 December 2014


Presidents Notes

As the first half of the Presidential year draws to a close I think I can say that it has been quite successful.  We have had several interesting speakers but could do with a few more.  The talks from our own members were very illuminating and interesting.  Some of our members managed to visit other clubs on the Scatter Evening.  District Conference was really enjoyable.  If you have never been to a District Conference then please give it some thought for next year.  Our next DG – Paul Jaspal will ensure it’s a fun event in Cardiff.  The games evening was quite a laugh, David Saunders card trick was so simple but so effective, Keith’s Buckaroo wouldn’t stay still and Redditch Monopoly was a first for many of us.

The Travel2Supper was a great success and hopefully we can repeat that next year.

We have groaned each week at the Irish Jokes, perhaps we can make this a regular feature of our meetings but instead of my jokes we can have your jokes.  Let me know what you think.

After delving deep into our pockets the Sainsbury collection raised £601 for our charity account

Thank you to Keith and of course Gaynor for hosting our last meeting, the food was excellent, the uTube video nearly worked – motto – never rely on technology, especially when using the Internet at home.  I think a good night was had by all.

Since we re-started the lottery I have never won it, neither has Peter Ramage which is most unusual.  John Wall on the other hand has won three times and Don Raines twice.  Other winners were Bryan Carpenter, Jim (I never win anything) Willis and David Saunders.  Over the year this should raise around £300 which we could use to support a membership drive.

We now need to increase our membership and hopefully can get this moving over the next few months.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Santa brings you all you deserve!!


Our next meeting is on Tuesday January 6th, when we are back at the Southcrest and our Weight Watchers menu. The topic for the evening is ‘Around the World’, so all you have to do between now and then is find some photographs (digital ones preferably) which you feel would be of interest to club members.  If we all bring a dozen photos or thereabouts then we should have enough to make it an interesting evening.  I will bring my laptop so if you can bring your photos either on a USB memory stick or a CD/DVD.  If you haven’t got a USB stick then it’s not too late to ask Santa for one.

The following Sunday the 11th we are booked into the Kings Court Hotel for lunch at 1pm. At the moment I am assuming everyone is attending so if you can’t make it I need your apologies a week before please.  If you want to bring family or guests then that’s fine but again I need to know.

On Tuesday January 13th we are going to look at the Sand Dams video which as you know is one of our DGs Projects for the year and we have committed the Club to.  We also need to start planning the Scalextrics evening and the Gardeners question Time.