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By Bryan Carpenter - Posted on 13 November 2014

See attached pdf file which contans:

News of the District Conference - with photographs

Presidents Notes

Quite a bit has happened since the last newsletter. 

Our publicity evening at Sainsbury’s was a little disappointing but it gave us an opportunity to try out our publicity boards and leaflets.   We didn’t get any response to the information packs we handed out but let’s not give up interest yet.  The membership group will be meeting shortly and I look forward to them sharing their ideas with us.

The Redditch Standard printed our Club News  article which mentioned our meeting at Sainsbury’s, unfortunately it was two weeks after the event!

The speaker evening on ‘Old Redditch’ turned out to be better than I thought.  At one stage the speaker informed us that he may not be able to attend the evening due to his wife being ill, luckily for us she recovered and we had a good evening despite the DVD freezing up.

DG John Crawford visited us on October 14th and told us a little more about Sand Dams and his theme for the year.

Did you scatter anywhere on the 28th?  Jim Willis, Robert Rainbow and I visited the North Worcestershire Club.  While we were there I learnt that their Golf Day raised over £5,000 and during the evening a cheque for £1,000 was presented to the local Prostate Cancer Support Group.  There was no speaker that evening instead all members were asked to bring along a couple of jokes.  There was great range of jokes and a good laugh was had by all.

Six of us met at The Why Not on Tuesday 4th November.  The pub was very quiet but the food was excellent.  I have never had so much steak and kidney in a pie, the pastry was scrumptious and the chips were cracking.

Last weekend was the District Conference in Bristol. We arrived with a bang when a bag containing a bottle of red wine fell on the floor and spilt its contents over our cowboy hats (sorry Gaynor, your hat is now Pink tinged with red).  So that was our pre-dinner drink knocked on its head.

Friday night was Club Night and eight of us braved the driving rain to reach the ‘Old India’ restaurant in the heart of Bristol City Centre offering a Moghul Style Indian dining experience. Set In The Old Bristol Stock Exchange Building.  Its speciality was an aubergine and date pickle which was off the menu that evening!! Enough said.  It did however have a very elegant wash basin.

Conference commenced on the Saturday morning at 9 am.

We were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Bristol who informed us that Bristol had more green spaces than any other City in the UK.  We informed him that Birmingham had more canals than Venice!

We had the usual Rotary speakers and then a whirlwind called Rosie Swale Pope.  She never stopped for breath and recalled her tale of running around the World, which covered over 20,000 miles and took 5 years.  She faced extreme danger, bitter Siberian winters, wolves, axemen and desolate loneliness.  She also ran 27 marathons in 27 days and travelled on horseback for 3000 miles between Atacama and Patagonia.  I am not sure what she did in her spare time but by the end of the session we were exhausted and needed to get some refreshment, so the Willis’s and Scott’s went off to discover the SS Great Britain.  We duly arrived in style.

 I can recommend this attraction which is well worth the entrance fee.

There is even a dressing up area where I met Mr Brunel.

Saturday evening was the conference Dinner and Hoe Down.  During the dinner we were entertained by Sally Minchin a Solo Electronic Violinist who played a range of music – she was so good that Mike Ostromouff from our Mother Club has already engaged her for an event.  After the dinner music was by a group called The Likely Lads.  We also had a fancy dress parade and presented our cheque to the DG in support of MacMillan cancer Support.

On Sunday morning we had a speaker called Ellie Targett, some of you may remember when she was a presenter on Radio Hereford and Worcester ‘Targets Top 20’.  She gave us a very interesting talk about her father who was a leading member of the Norwegian resistance.

As it was Remembrance Sunday we had a reading of a number of World War 1 poems before two minutes of silence at 11am.

We then had a presentation on Sand Dams, I will try and obtain the video so we can all see what the project is trying to achieve.

So that’s about if for the conference, it’s not all boring Rotary stuff, with plenty of interesting speakers, good fellowship and entertainment.  Why not join us next year 23-25th October 2015.

The Conference is being held in Cardiff and this fine fella will be the District Governor.

Paul Jaspal DG 2015.


Are you using facebook?  How many followed us on Friends of Kingfisher  Rotary whilst at the conference?  Please try and start using Facebook and link up with your friends and acquaintances who in turn can be directed to our Rotary pages. 

Don’t forget if you want to keep up to date with Rotary in the UK and worldwide there is a wealth of information on the internet:

District 1060 -


RI -


Reminder I need members to organise some activity for February 3rd, March 12th and May 12th 2015.  It could simply be a meal in a pub or even mud wrestling. The choice of venue and activity is entirely up to you.  Please give it some thought.

There is no meeting next week; instead we have the District Quiz and the Travel 2 Supper.

Travel 2 Supper

I am still awaiting responses from a number of members which I need this week please.  I will be asking those attending to help by bringing an item of food (pudding/cheese/biscuits/grapes etc.) or drink (wine).  I will email all those attending later this week with my requests.  Please warn your wife/partner of this.

Christmas Collection

This is earlier this year on Saturday December 6th.  Please inform the secretary if you are unable to attend.

Volunteer Please.

Would someone like to volunteer their house for our meeting on the 16th.  To prepare us for the Christmas indulgence we could have fish and chips brought in.

Diary for the next 2 months




18th Nov

No Meeting


20th Nov

District Quiz


21tst Nov


Jims then Johns

25th Nov



26th Dec

District Council

Arden Academy

2nd Dec



6th Dec

Sainsbury Collection


9th Dec

Pre-Christmas with partners


16th Dec

Members house – volunteer please.


23RD Dec

No Meeting