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You are hereThe new Rotary website is live!

The new Rotary website is live!

By Webmaster - Posted on 27 August 2013

 From a post on 2013-08-26 by Peter Markos of RI web team


This post obviously comes late but in case you missed it, the new website did launch today. I would have posted earlier but as you can imagine we were pretty busy today. Overall things have gone fairly smoothly. Most people like the site a lot. Some do not. About what I expected really.

Here are the main issues we are seeing and workarounds for now:

  1. You register but get access denied when trying to utilize old MAP functionality. This is a timing issue on the new site. The website is logging users in before it gets the appropriate permissions. We have fixes deployed already and this issue should occur very sporadically for this point forward. If you do experience this, log out (located on your profile) and then sign back in. This resolves the problem for 99% of users.
  2. Some users (very few but enough to note) get access denied when trying to activate their accounts. There is no workaround for this. We have a potential fix that is in testing and should be deployed tomorrow. If you experience this, email us so we can contact you when it is resolved. Hopefully tomorrow.
  3. Changing your location does not work quite as expected. We are working on this and it should be resolved tomorrow.
  4. Performance is slow. This should be resolved. On top of launching today we had a spammer hitting our site and it took some time to take them offline. Once that was addressed, performance of most of the site is 2-3 seconds. Much better than the old site.

We are of course chasing lots of other issues, but most are minor. We’ll keep you posted in the coming days of anything major.

Thanks and enjoy the new site!