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You are hereRIBI Re-Districting Draft Proposals – Additional Information

RIBI Re-Districting Draft Proposals – Additional Information

By Steve Cartwright - Posted on 01 November 2012

Since details of the RIBI Draft Re-Districting Proposals have been made available, predictably many questions have been asked and comments made by Clubs and members. In an attempt to make the ‘surrounding issues’ a little clearer particularly for those Clubs that may be still undecided. I summarise as below.

Club Comments:

  1. Speed at which a decision needs to be made which could and in certain cases will lead to a 'knee jerk' decision/reaction
  2. Re-Districting is having an adverse effect on all clubs especially 'vunerable' clubs.
  3. It is also detracting from other and more vital work that we as Rotarians do so well.
  4. Amount of information provided is in adequate and lacks clarity.
  5. Procedure timeline is flawed as evidenced by the withdrawal of the direct RIBI Survey 'link' for Clubs to comment etc.
  6. D1060 carrying a HEAVY burden, on behalf of 1 or 2 Districts that should or could have been disbanded at the end of the last rotary year.
  7. If the Proposals are approved, it would enable us (RIBI) to manage the Redistricting ourselves rather than RI make the decisions.
  8. In principle Re-Districting makes sound sense, but there is very little time and or opportunity to discuss any variation or options.

Questions & Answers:

  1. Voting procedure? Club vote only, 1 vote per club regardless of size. In order for the proposal to fail, there needs to be a majority of clubs (minimum of 33) to vote against. Abstaining will by default be a vote in favour of the proposals (subject to a quorum, non attendance will automatically be taken as an abstaining vote).  It is imperative that every Club is represented and has a vote on 21st November.
  2. The RI Constitution stipulates? Details have been sent to all Clubs, IF the proposals are rejected RI would probably close down any District with less than 1200 members / 33 Clubs.
  3. If D1060 reject the Proposals? Then the complete RIBI Re-Districting Plan fails too. It needs all 29 Districts to approve the Plan for it to be implemented.
  4. What would be the short term view if the Proposals fail? RI would probably enforce the closing down of 1 or 2 Districts. With the strong probability that RI would seek to change via COL, increasing the number of members/clubs per District, but that would take a minimum of 3 years to be formally (if) approved.
  5. Are there any additional cost implications for Clubs/Members? It is not anticipated that there will be any additional cost incurred by members or Clubs in Redistricting, indeed there should be a marginal saving. No further details are available at present.
  6. What about other monetary implications? Yes, like D1060 most Districts have various Trust Funds etc, which need to be attributed accordingly.
  7. Are there any other ‘monetary considerations? Yes, RI may provide funding to RIBI of approximately $117,000, which goes towards the 5 year Membership Development Plan this could be ‘at risk’ if the proposals are rejected. But this would only be on a temporary basis until Re-Districting actually takes place.
  8. Is it possible to modify the existing Proposals? Yes, but depending on exactly what modifications are suggested taking into consideration any ‘knock on’effects’ there may not be sufficient time to incorporate these into the existing plan.
  9. Is the vote by Clubs at District Council on 21st November ‘final’? It will be the decision of the clubs to decide the overall reply from D1060 on the proposals as set out in the details. DG Steve will then be mandated by this decision when discussing at the next RIBI General Council meeting on 26th November. It is very likely that depending upon results from other Districts, amended proposals will be put forward by RIBI for a further vote in January 2013.
  10. How have the ‘new’ Districts been chosen? The RIBI Re-Districting Group has reviewed various Re-Districting options, with the current proposals considered to be the best plan.
  11. Why have D1060 been split to join 2 other Districts when we are above the RI minimum District membership threshold? It appears that generally the ‘new’ Districts are based upon County boundaries, and that it made sense certainly to unite the West Midlands into 1 District also including Staffordshire.


IF the proposals were to be rejected It would allow RI to manage any future Re-Districting, however IF RIBI can quickly offer an alternative proposal to RI this MAY be acceptable. In the meantime:

  1. It would buy more time both for open discussion, and distribution of much more information from RIBI/Districts to Clubs
  2. Allow Districts to use the current Proposals at least as a 'starting point', base from which to work.
  3. Remove the overall feeling by the Clubs that they are being 'steamrollered' into a decision with skant information and very short time line.
  4. Allow 'Districts' to manage the process in a better way rather than being in the 'middle' between RIBI & Clubs. Thus leaving the Clubs to continue their fantastic work/projects without their attention diverted on Re-Districting.
  5. Those Clubs 'at risk' will hopefully not feel so threatened, and have more time to consider their options before Re-Districting takes place.  ALL the above are not guaranteed as it will all depends on how RI views the timeline for Re-Districting and IF RI allow RIBI more time to redraft the Proposals.  Re-Districting WILL take place at some point.
  6. Whilst as a District we are voting on 21st November, given the complexity of the Proposals in some Districts, amended Proposals will be put forward by RIBI to be voted on again in January 2013. It is important at this stage the views of all clubs and D1060 are clearly known.

Comment from DG Steve Cartwright

I have asked for this document to be circulated to all Clubs, so that everyone will be in possession of the facts and information as stated, to hopefully ensure Clubs can make an informed decision on this vital issue. Assuming that every Club will have taken the opportunity to discuss the Re-Districting proposals?

SteveDG Steve Cartwright – D1060


Would it be useful to have a discussion topic for this in the District forum on this site? 

Dave Roberts
Secretary, RC Southam 2000
Membership Team Leader, Rotary District 1060

Thanks for this information Steve I've copied it to all our members. I've been on the RIBI website looking for more information as to why they wish to re-distict, but other than the proposal recently circulated I could fine nothing. For members to discuss it properly the reasons they are undertaking this exercise need to made a lot more clearer to the members of 1060 who taking on a very large burden. Kevin Kiernan