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You are hereRIBI Redistricting Plan Version 3 – 16th November 2012

RIBI Redistricting Plan Version 3 – 16th November 2012

By Webmaster - Posted on 16 November 2012

The districts related to Phase 1.

Version 3 has been prepared taking into account the comments and suggestions in the feedback from version 2 from clubs, individuals and DGs. The details below represent immediate requirements plus an essential long term strategy.

The recommendation concentrates on the immediate need with the districts at risk as identified by RI. The plan also looks to the long term future of RIBI. The plan is in two parts and requires agreement as a whole.

Phase 1:

To be implemented by 1st July 2015

  • To combine districts 1290 & 1170
  • To combine districts 1140 & 1250
  • District 1050 clubs to disperse to districts 1180 & 1280

The remaining districts to stay largely as they are at present with adjustments as agreed with the clubs concerned, and in many cases as suggested by the clubs and districts involved.

Phase 2:

To be implemented within the timescale of the RIBI 5 year Membership Plan and the consultation process on the detail to begin in the near future. This will be a radical review with all clubs and districts throughout RIBI being involved in the debate and decision making taking notice of any RI legislation.


"The RIBI Redistricting Plan Version 3 is for acceptance at the General Council on 26th November 2012. Phase 1 to be passed to the RI Districting Committee on 3rd December 2012 for approval at the RI Board meeting in January 2013. Subsequently the voting for the 2015/16 District Governors can proceed and should be completed by 31st May 2013.

"Purpose & Effect – To stabilise the districts under threat

"FI – Short term costs with long term saving"

The Redistricting working group has worked very carefully and co-opted DG Debbie Hodge so have 5 current DGs on board plus the President. The above plan has been approved in outline by the Executive. The final decision will be taken by the General Council.

The attached PDF file has full detail of the effects on individual clubs during phase 1, District 1060 is not changed during this phase. 

It would appear more straight-forward to just merge 1050 into 1280 for phase 1.

Dave Roberts
Secretary, RC Southam 2000
Membership Team Leader, Rotary District 1060