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Secretaries Newsletter for December 2011

By Webmaster - Posted on 19 December 2011

Can I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and rewarding New Year.

Thank you for letting me have the changes in Membership information during the last six months. Please continue for the rest of the year. It has allowed the District Governor to write to all new Rotarians with a letter of welcome and has helped to establish key information for the Membership Resources Team.

Some reminders:

A) In the RIBI Newsletter received on the 14th November Club Secretaries were reminded to ensure that a Voting delegate, and a substitute, were elected at a SGM for the RIBI Conference. The Secretary/CEO of RIBI to be notified by the 1st March. An additional delegate and substitute to be elected for every 25, or major fraction thereof of its active members. That request has now been repeated in the latest RIBI newsletter which has been recently circulated.

B) Don’t forget to update the RI database once you have had your SGM and elected the President, Secretary and Treasurer for 2012/13.

In the list of District Officers that I distributed on the 30th November I misspelled the first name of Carolyn McLaughlin. This is the correct spelling.

In the middle of January 2012 I will be sending out nomination forms, to you, for Rotarians who wish to serve on District Committees for 2012/13. Please ensure that your Club members are aware of this opportunity to contribute to District activities. Existing Committee members who wish to continue must complete a new nomination form.

The embryonic speakers’ list now features on the 1060 web site: . Go to the web site, log in, click on “For Members and Clubs”, then “For Club Officers” and then you will see a heading revealed “Speakers Secretary”. Immediately below is “Speakers”. Click on that to get access to the list. Please pass this information on to your Speaker Secretary.

I assume that most of you that have been in post for sometime know of the Club Secretary’s Manual published by RI. However It might prove a useful guide to newer Secretaries who need some background information about their role. It can be purchased from the RI online shop and costs just $3 with no postage added.

The key points from the last District Council meeting will is attached to this Newsletter on the District Web site. The next Council Meeting is scheduled for the 14th March 2012