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Secretaries Newsletter for October 2011

By Webmaster - Posted on 13 October 2011

As you will be aware the Minutes of the District Council Meetings are not circulated until the Agenda for the next meeting is sent out which can be at least two months. Now that we have such a comprehensive web site I have decided to do a summary of the key issues once the draft minutes have been prepared and post that on the District web site, . It can be accessed in the normal way by going to “for Members and Clubs” and the first posting is there as “District Council 21st September – Summary”. My thanks go to the Web Master, Dave Roberts, for his help.

Hopefully it will be useful to those of you who could not attend Council and as an aide memoire to those of you who did.

Next District Council will now be held on Tuesday 29th November at the Arden School, Knowle commencing at 7.00pm. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available from 6.30pm. The change of date is to avoid potential industrial action which may take place on the 30th

Hopefully you saw my recent note about the problems Handsworth and Aston Clubs were having with their venue.   Until further notice the Aston Club will meet at 12.45pm in Box 20/21 at Villa Park on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Catering will be restricted to coffee/tea and sandwiches. There will be room for 2 or 3 visitors each time but I suggest that you book in if you intend to visit. Thanks to all those Clubs who responded to the initial problem by offering hospitality at their own venues.

It is getting close to the deadline, 24th October, for Clubs to let our Council on Legislation (COL) representative, PDG Peter Smith, know of any proposals that they want to put forward to the next COL in 2013.

















At the District Council in November we have to elect, in addition to a DGN for this current year to replace Arthur Allen who had to give up the position for family reasons, and a DGN for 2012/13, several District Officers and District Chairmen (except Foundation). Nomination forms, for all these vacancies, were circulated by e mail towards the end of last month with ballots to follow if necessary once nominations have been made. All nominations must be signed by the Club President and Club Secretary and returned to me by 24th October. Ballot papers for the election of AG’s will also be circulated prior to the next Council Meeting

Thanks to all those who continue to let me have details of members leaving or joining your Clubs. Don’t forget returns can be made on line, by e mail or by post.