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St Chad's Chat

By David Cross - Posted on 12 February 2017


President David's Mid-Term Review

With the Rotary Year at its halfway point it is time to reflect on the past six months and to look forward to the remainder of my year as Rotary Club of Lichfield St Chad President.

In July the Club hosted two young people from USA and India who were visiting to attend the International Rotary Youth Leaders Activities Event being held at Morton Morrell College, Warks.  This annual event brings together young people from around the world for 7 days of various workshops and forum to promote greater understanding of world cultures. 

For many years we have had a ‘twinning’ arrangement with the Rotary Club of Asane from Bergen, Norway, and it was good to have their members visit us Lichfield over a very memorable November weekend that also coincided with an evening to celebrate our 34th Annual Charter at Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth.

It is a frequently heard comment these days that everyone knows someone, friend or family, affected by Cancer.  The medical profession works tirelessly seeking a cure.  100 years ago the same comment was true of Polio.  However in the 1920’s a vaccine was developed which gave protection against this disease.  As a result the Western world has been virtually free of Polio.  For many years, however, the vaccine was not available to all people living in underdeveloped and developing countries due to cost and logistics. 30 years ago Rotary International made a promise to rid the world of Polio, with Rotary Clubs worldwide raising millions of pounds and have been instrumental in getting immunisation programs established in all countries. In 1988, 350,000 Polio cases were reported in 125 countries, but as of 31 December 2016 only 38 cases were notified, but there is still much work to be done to ensure a vaccination programme remains in place until such time as Polio is completely eradicated. 

As an organisation we pride ourselves in helping our local (Lichfield) community, and as such Rotary is constantly striving to attract new members, and with this in mind plans are well advanced to make Rotary more accessible to people with limited spare time outside of family and work commitments.  There will be no specific attendance requirement, making use of Social Media for both internal and external communications, publicity and Press Releases.