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Terry Flower talks to Solihull Rotary about Fast Aid and Community First Responders

By Ian Courts - Posted on 08 February 2016


Terry Flower gave Solihull Rotary a fascinating insight into the vital work carried out by Fast Aid & Community First Responders. Terry has been a real stalwart of this organisation since he retired from the building industry. Just how many lives has he saved. Thank you Terry!

CFRs are volunteers, trained to a nationally recognised medical standard, to provide live saving treatment to people in the community. Responders are ‘called out’ by West Midlands Ambulance Service if they can reach a life threatening situation quicker than an Ambulance Crew. Community First Responders normally cover an area approximately of 7 minutes travelling time from their home or work place. They are always backed up by an ambulance. In the UK around 175,000 people have a heart attack each year, thats about one every three minutes. Most of these happen out side of hospital. The only effective treatment for a heart attack is Defibrillation. CFRs carry Defibrillators for shocking the heart. The sooner a defibrillator is used the better chance of survival. After a patient has collapsed following a heart attack, every minute a defibrillator is not used the chances of survival reduce by 10%. Each year Fastaid Community First Responders successfully resuscitate members of the public, that have suffered a heart attack, who without rapid intervention wouldn’t be alive today. Photo by Steve Evans, Seven Star Photography- 0121 704 0564