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Young Carers

30 Young Carers enjoying a respite at Beaudesert ParkSince 2009 this Rotary District 1060 Young Carers programme has provided over 250 Young Carers with a respite holiday and will continue to provide holidays sponsored by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in District 1060

46 Young Carers took part in 2 programmes held at Blackwell Park in 20th - 24th August sponsored by Rotarians who have supported this very successful programme for the past 4 years.

The programme is self-catering in a tented village where staff and leaders from the Young Carers organisations take charge of the group. The sponsoring Rotary Clubs and Rotarians are very welcome to visit the park during the programme to meet the leaders and the young carers

46 Young Carers took part in 2 programmes at Blackwell ParkUrgently needed: Sponsorship is required from Rotary Clubs to cover trips in 2015/16 for Young Carers on the Rotary District 1060 Young Carers residential programme at Blackwell Adventure Park. Each trip caters for 20+ Young Carers sponsored by Rotary so that the carers can be brought together from different organisations and areas

To date over 300 Young Carers will have benefited from respite breaks please help us to continue by channelling your donation to young carers through this programme and specify which young carers area you wish to support and we will try to match your funding with the area of your club (this may not always be possible).

If you are already supporting any young carers organisations with funding, please consider channelling some of your donations through this programme to support the District Young Carer's project. The funds of course eventually end up in the same place at whichever Young Carers HQ it just goes in a round about way.

Read a short report from the trip to Beaudesert Park.

Here's how it works?

District raise sponsorship through the Youth Service Committee to book the places at Blackwell Adventure Park, the Young Carers organisation fill the places and send the District Treasurer an account for the number of places filled. e.g. On the 18th-20th August there are 10 young carers from Coventry Young Carers and 10 young carers from Warwickshire Young Carers so each organisation will send an account for £395 to be paid for from the account held by the District Treasurer. The Young Carers organisations settle their individual accounts direct with Blackwell.

Rotarians can log on to access this list of Young Carers Organisations.

To sponsor Young Carers for a respite experience at Blackwell Park is just £39.50 per Young Carer for a 2 night break and the Young Carers really do need your support. This is a very worthwhile progamme in the community run through the District 1060 Youth Services Committee.

Confused? Don't be! Just contact John Hughes for help or ask him to come and talk to your club. He'll even pay for his own breakfast, lunch or dinner so you have more funds to help young carers