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Young Persons Innovation and Design Competition

Ben Jones Winner of Rotary Innovation and Design Competion 2011

The Young Persons Innovation and Design Competition allows those students creating innovative projects for their GSCE or A levels to compete and win national recognition for their work. Discussions with Technology and Design teachers has to start early in the year. Club Rotarians select the best from different schools and send details of their entries to the D1060 organiser as soon as they can.

In July 2011, 22 finalists from three Districts (1060, 1100 and 1210) met at Bromsgrove School for the Final of this interdistrict competition. The 3 judges and dozens of parents and teachers admired the high quality of the students work.

The winner of the £200.-- first prize, was Ben Jones from District 1210 with a clever bolt on attachment to assist push chairs up stairs.Second was George Tyler with his design of a glass and wood, I.T. connected coffee table. The table was aesthetically pleasing, and the electronics built into the base were ingenious and well engineered.

2014 Competition

The 2014 the final will take place on Sunday 6th July at Bromsgrove School, Worcester Rd, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B61 7DU.

Most selection gets done in June and up to the 6th July as the timing depends on completion of exam projects, and the return of work from school examiners.