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Young Writer Competition

Young Writer151 Young Writer

Creative writing is a talent to be celebrated and to be able to write is a special gift. In Great Britain and Ireland there are young people who have, or have the ability to develop, this talent and Rotary in these islands wishes to promote writing through the RIBI Young Writer competition.

Starting with club level competitions, winners progress to district events and, ultimately, a national final with the winning work subsequently published in Rotary magazines and on the RIBI website. The quality of work submitted in previous years has been outstanding.

The competition aims to encourage young people to: 

  • Use their writing skills 
  • Write with imagination and creativity 

2014/2015 Competition

The competition is open to students, in full time education, in three age groups on 31st August 2014: 

  • Junior 7 to 10 years old 
  • Intermediate 11 to 13 years old 
  • Senior 14 to 17 years old 

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2014, it should be noted that some junior entrants may be 11, intermediate entrants may be 14 and some senior entrants may be 18 at the time of some or all the stage competitions i.e. a competitor may be 17 on 31st August but turns 18 on 1st September is allowed to enter. Competitors must include their date of birth on the entry form. 

For entrants with motor control difficulties, an amanuensis may be used to record the entrants work to paper. 

Students must enter the competition, organised by the local Rotary Club through their school, college or organisation.

Entrants this year are required to produce a written or typed story in prose entitled, ‘Light up the Community’. We should all be responsible for helping one another in our communities. Please write a story on a project in your community about which you know, or a suggested project in your community which will help others and improve the community. The written entry could include the fundraising towards the project but it must say what the project is/was and how it has, or will, ‘Light up the Community’

An A4 page or 500 hundred words is a suggested suitable submission. 

Entries must be sent to your local Rotary Club organiser no later than 27th March 2015

Information for entrants into the competition can be downloaded here

Teachers and other non Rotarians can get more information on the competition by contacting the District Team

For Rotarians Only:(You will need to Log In to access downloads and contact District Organiser)

If your Club is planning to run a Young Photographer competition then please notify the District Coordinator as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Rotarians can be downloaded here and a poster to assist in promotion of the Competition from here

Certificate template can be downloaded from here

Clubs must forward the best 3 entries in each age group to District Co‐ordinator no later than 24th April 2015.