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By David Robinson - Posted on 28 January 2016


On Tuesday 19th January we welcomed to the club Graham Short, Managing Director of Fine Arts Limited.  Graham specialises in miniature engraving and has engraved invitation cards, etc. for royalty.  One of his highlights is the Lord's Praver on top of a pin head.  He gave an illustrated talk with unbelievable photographs of mottoes on the edge of a razor blade and on specks of gold in the eye of a needle, amongst many other small items.  His teacher at school told him that to be successful he must excel, not just in his class but all over the world, and that is why he claims to have done just that!  He also recalled he was in the same class as Jasper Carrott.  Graham was presented with a donation to his charity, Acorns Childrens Hospice, and a vote of thanks was given by President Elect John Green.

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