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For Members and Clubs

This area of the site is mainly aimed at Rotarians in the District.

Rotary Water-Survival Box Update 6 - 2011-2012 - Horn Of Africa And The Philippines

Received 13th August 2011 -

For the past four weeks we have been on standby to send Water-Survival Boxes to help with water-purification in the refugee camps in the Dadaab region of Kenya. However, serious difficulties in arranging a safe and secure route along the 300 mile journey from Nairobi, as well as a controlled environment for distribution to families most in need, meant we have had to wait for confirmation that such arrangements were in place.

Kingfisher Chronicle Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Valedictory Address and pictures of Club Handover
  • President's Message
  • Conference News
  • News from the Gardener
  • Dates and duties



Funeral Arrangements – Neill Hill

We can now confirm that the funeral of Neill Hill will take place on:

Friday 12th August at 11.15am at St Andrews Church, Oxhill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9RE.

Parking will be available, almost opposite the church, at the Handsworth Horticultural Institute, Oxhill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9RR.

The service will be followed by a burial at Handsworth Cemetery.

Secretaries Newsletter for July 2011

Dear Club Secretary,

This is the first of what, I hope, will be a short regular newsletter to keep you informed of key dates, activities and meetings principally in the District but covering other Rotary events where considered appropriate. Don’t forget that if your Club has an activity to publicise the District Governor will be pleased to include details in his monthly newsletter. 

An Earthquake Story


Hello, I've been inundated with texts, phone calls, emails and messages of love and support, thank you. If you want to hear how it was and where I'm at then read on. (Abby for your benefit I've tried to use lots of paragraph breaks!)

Rotary Volunteers project update

Rotary volunteers at work

Due to extreme economic pressures, the Rotary Foundation was forced to cut the Volunteer Service Grant funds, March 2009 bringing many volunteer programmes to a grinding halt. We were desperate that the Kilimambogo Dental Clinic, Kenya, would not become one of these programmes doomed to fail because volunteers could not afford to travel and give a month’s service to this successful project.