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For Members and Clubs

This area of the site is mainly aimed at Rotarians in the District.

RIBI International Committee Newsletter - August and September

The August & September newsletters are available for download here.

Rotary Showcase is an excellent way of highlighting the excellent work done by Rotarians throughout RIBI, please continue to share your International projects.


Mike Parry, International Service Chairman



Funds urgently needed for Syrian refugees

All Please see the following report on the RIBI website

The RIBI International Committee met in Alcester earlier this week and discussed the humanitarian crisis in the countries bordering with Syria. Over 2 million people are now living in refugee camps and the numbers are increasing by the day. The committee have contacted the Rotary Disaster Box Schemes and only ShelterBox and Aquabox are actively getting their boxes into the area. Other schemes have no plans to give support at this time.

SARAID's annual exercise October 2013

It will soon be time for SARAID's annual Phase 2 exercise. Phase 2 is a realistic exercise where SARAID simulate a real life disaster situation in order for members to use the skills they have learnt. For current operational members it is a chance to brush up on skills, and for some of our "newbies" it is their big assessment, which if they pass can become operational members.

Issues with the new site

RI have just added a page about site problems :


The new Rotary website is live!

 From a post on 2013-08-26 by Peter Markos of RI web team


Rotary Shoebox Scheme

During the past two years we have seen orders for our Rotary Shoeboxes fall by 20%. This has resulted in us not being able to supply all the areas where humanitarian aid, in the form of these shoebox gifts, is still requested and needed. While we understand that the current economic problems in this country could account for some of this shortfall, we believe that many Rotary clubs have simply forgotten that the scheme still needs shoebox gifts for Eastern European countries.



DGE Jan Brinck (District 1440) recently took delivery of two DemonstrationBoxes for use in his and an adjoining District in Denmark. Last week Janasked if we could supply boxes to two of the three other Danish districtsand this will be arranged very shortly. These requests stemmed from ourattendance at the Rotary Institute meeting in Sundsvall, Sweden last yearand we are delighted to learn that four of the five incoming Danish RotaryDistrict Governors are planning to encourage their Clubs to considersupporting our Rotary project. We are also aware that all six NorwegianDistricts and at least four of the Swedish Districts are promoting ourproject in the new Rotary Year.


ShelterBox Operational Report


India – Flooding

Team: Eva Doerr (DE), Mike Peachy (NZ)


Flash flooding in India's northern Himalayan region has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes leaving them stranded in the mountains. India does not accept the importation of foreign aid. All importation of ‘aid’ is taxed heavily, and consequently ShelterBox has been unable to respond to disasters in India previously. As a result, a considerable part of this deployment will be investigating the feasibility of importing aid into India. The SRT is currently in the country beginning needs assessments and exploring the possibility if importing aid using government and Rotary contacts.

Liter of Light - How a humble plastc bottle lights up lives!

The My Shelter Foundation aims to brighten up one million homes around the world by 2015, using the simple idea of recycling plastic bottles and filling them with water and bleach to create solar light bottles. See how they started the movement in Manila, Philippines by watching the video or by visiting their website at 

RIBI Restructuring

Many of you will know that Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland is leading the way by taking control of its administrative boundaries, potentially creating larger and more effective regions (Districts) that support Rotary Clubs as they continue to deliver service projects and activities to the local and international communities.