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Group Study Exchange – Join the Outgoing GSE Team to District 7030 and 4410

By Peter Ramage - Posted on 23 November 2012

The GSE Team from District 7030 have visited our District in October and went to our District Conference in Cardiff and now we need to select a team to go over to the Caribbean. The team will consist of a Rotarian Team Leader and 4 team members. The team will arrive in Antigua on about 9th March, visit St Kitts and one other island before they go to Grenada for the District Conference and fly out on about 7th April 2013. The team is intended to be a vocational team with specific interest in medical type vocations since part of their vocational visits will be visiting the Diabetic Foot Care Clinic on St Kitts that DG Steve Cartwright was involved with and possibly also a visit to a women’s hospital on Grenada which District helped with a contribution towards a 3H Grant a few years ago.

Applications are invited for a Rotarian team leader from the District and for the 4 team members.

Application forms, further details or answers to any questions can be obtained from Peter Ramage as above or Application Forms can be downloaded here:

Team Member Application

Team Leader Application

Just a reminder that the team members cannot be related to Rotarians at all and that they should be aged between 25 and 39 and they will need to be able to take the 4 weeks away from work. Since time is short we would like to hold the team leader selection interviews on Saturday 8th December and the team member selection on Saturday 15th December 2012 so that we can let them know the selection before Christmas. We would like to select the best possible team to represent the District and the more applications we can get for team members the better.

We have also just received dates for the GSE Team going out to Brazil District 4410 and they will be arriving in Brazil on about 19th May and leaving the middle of June 2013. There is a preference for people that can speak some Portugese but we have a bit of budget to provide some language training. We have more time to select the team members for this one but we will try to combine the selection of the team leaders in December for both exchanges if we can and again invite applications.

Regards in Rotary


Peter Ramage (GSE Chairman)

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