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Build peace and understanding through Intercountry Committees

By Stella Almond - Posted on 03 March 2013

How has your club celebrated February as World Understanding month? It has been perfect occasion to remind ourselves of our power to promote and build peace in the world and to celebrate Rotary’s many accomplishments toward peace.

Intercountry Committees (ICCs) work to build strong national ties between Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries. They facilitate home visits, youth and friendship exchanges, international meetings, open dialogue between Rotarians, and cultural activities. They also promote ongoing service and vocational activities that transcend club, district, and national borders.

Here are a few ways that ICCs have shown how Rotary’s work reaches beyond borders:

France and Israel:

The ICC raised funds to support the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, for Palestinian children. The hospital provides treatment for heart defects. The project has expanded, and in October 2012 a paediatric cardiology centre was opened in Ramallah.

Russia and Belgium:

The Rotary Club of Moscow East has hosted a Friendship Tour with Rotarians from around the world, and they are currently organizing an ICC with clubs in Belgium.

Mediterranean Peace Initiative:

District 2100 in Italy hosted a Mediterranean Peace Forum in December, 2012 to establish strategies to create peace through ICCs.

Connect with Rotarians involved in ICCs by visiting the ICC Facebook page. Join us on LinkedIn and Twitter to share your story of how your club has helped spread world peace!

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