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DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal

By Bob Mowle - Posted on 05 November 2014

The DEC has launched an appeal for the people affected by the Ebola Crisis in West Africa. See

The explosive spread of Ebola in West Africa is not just killing the infected but ripping apart health services, devastating communities, and destroying people’s ability to support themselves.

Right now, DEC urgently need your support and generosity to help families across West Africa – and need you to spread the word to those around you. Ebola isn’t just killing people, it’s tearing apart families and communities and placing a whole fragile region in jeopardy. We must act now to turn the tide.

Go to to make a donation

Or call 0370 60 60 900 – open 24 hours.

DEC member agencies are there, supporting relatives and orphans with cleaning kits and recovery programmes, as well as teaching local communities how to stop the virus spreading.

DEC urgently need more resources to help the thousands of people who need it. People are losing their loved ones in terrible circumstances, some have lost their entire families, and they are frightened they are going to be next.

Here's what your donation can provide:

  • £25 provides a cleaning kit – with a bucket, bleach and soap for three families
  • £50 provides basic protective clothing – including gloves, masks, boots and gowns for three volunteers
  • £100 provides community training – to help families keep themselves safe

It’s a race against time, the longer we wait, the worse it gets so please donate now. Help provide vital protection and support to innocent victims of this horrible disease.

Thank you,

Saleh Saeed OBE,DEC Chief Executive

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