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By Stella Almond - Posted on 09 May 2013

DEC Syria Crisis Appeal.jpg
Staff from CAFOD partner, Caritas Lebanon distribute shelter materials to new arrivals in Lebanon. Photo credit: Caritas Suisse/

Today marks 40 days since the DEC launched its Syria Crisis Appeal.Fierce fighting across Syria has caused millions of people to flee their homes. Some remain in the country while others have fled across the border to the relative safety of neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

Thanks to our generous supporters, the Syria Crisis Appeal has so far raised over £13 million. Even as the fighting continues to rage across Syria, our member agencies are telling us about the amazing work they are doing. The kind donations from DEC supporters has helped to make this work possible. Our member agencies are working round the clock to get food, clean water, sanitation and shelter to refugees and others in need.

With increasing numbers of people arriving across the Lebanon border, many are forced to set up home in makeshift refugee camps, without access to shelter or basic provisions like food or soap. DEC member CAFOD's partner, Caritas Lebanon is making daily visits to settlement sites to ensure that those in need get support. You can read about CAFOD's response and more by following this link.

As I write, people continue to flood into the refugee camps at an alarming rate. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, has warned the Security Council of the 'terrifying prospect' of almost half of Syria's 20.8 million population needing humanitarian aid by the end of the year if the fighting doesn't cease.

The crisis isn't over. Our member agencies continue to accept donations and the DEC Syria Crisis Appeal remains open until 20 September 2013. Thank you.

Saleh Saeed

DEC Chief Executive

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