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Devastation caused by Cyclone PAM in Vanuatu

By Bob Mowle - Posted on 17 March 2015

Cyclone PAM has caused mass devastation in the archipelago of Vanuatu. Within days Rotary Box Schemes have gone into action to help deliver shelter, water filters and humanitarian aid to the islands.

As of today 17th March 2015, only military flights are allowed in with all commercial flights on hold.

All of the box schemes need fiannce to directly provide aid or to replace aid sent from stock and clubs are encouraged to make what ever donations they are able to.

Further information is given in the attached guidance (attachment below) from RIBI.


You can also support appeals from the Disasters Emergency Committee - see - but none have been made at the time of writing this story.

Bob Mowle

DISC 1060

17th March 2015 14:45

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