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District 1060 Sand Dams Project

Bob Mowle


District 1060 Sand Dams Project 2014

This Project is to build one or more Sand Dams in a needy location in the African dry-lands, probably in Kenya, to capture clean water near communities, rather than several hours walk away, and agriculture aimed to achieve food security. The exact location will be determined when we know how much money clubs are prepared to donate.  Our project will be part of an RIBI programme being led by Rotary Partners Excellent Development and Districts 1140 and 1250. 

DG John Crawford invites all Clubs in District 1060 to each donate as much as they can afford from £250 upwards to enable the District to have a significantly sized project to be proud of.  Clubs donating £1000 or more will be recognised on a plaque on the side of the dam.

A sizeable District Foundation (DDF) grant will also be used to apply for a global grant, together with DDF from other districts in RIBI, to be matched by The Rotary Foundation.

Some club funds may also be used to unlock UK Government funding.  Excellent Development have projects that can be 75% funded by UK Government funding providing another donor funds the first 25%.  Essentially, Rotary funds a dam and the UK Government funds a second dam and food security for both. 

Through these two funding streams we expect the communities to receive four to five times the value of each club donation.

 Clubs are requested to:

1) Indicate their support for the project by advising Bob Mowle, District International Committee Chairman, by email before the end of August 2014. And

2) provide their donation to district 1060 Treasurer Dick Sharrot before Christmas 2014

In January 2015 DG John and the District International Committee will review how much money the District has available and therefore the size of project we can undertake. We will then ask Districts 1140, 1250 and Excellent Development to identify a suitable project from their programme for us to undertake and apply for a Global Grant on our behalf.  Once the grant is approved we will put together a project plan and seek to commence work as soon as possible

The location and number of Sand Dams we will build are likely to be in Kenya but no decision will be made until we understand the level of funds we have available and the costs of the potential Dams that are in the programme at the time.  Locations in India are also being evaluated by Excellent Development for future projects.

Please encourage members of your club to support this District led project which will provide fresh water and much much more to raise significantly the standard of living to many people who today are living in abject poverty.


A video about Sand Dams by Al Jazeera TV can be seen on YouTube at ""  This is the video used at the District Assembly Plenary Session on the 5th May 2014.

Another more recent video about a Sand Dam built by Rotarians from Ireland can also be viewed on YouTube at ""

To find out more about Sand Dams and Excellent Development please visit ""

or view this General Presentation about Sand Dams and Rotary involvement but note it is several months old now.

The latest Rotary sand dam building project was completed in April.  The final report on the building of the five dams with food security gives an excellent indication of what can be achieved by under £30,000 of club funds matched by DDF and a Foundation grant and an example of the feedback we will receive. (This report refers to another pdf file "Final Sand Dam Report - 2Q2014" which can be accessed here ) 

PDFs of the presentations used at District Assembly in Warwick on the 5th May 2014 can be viewed or downloaded as follows:

(NB these files can take a while to download because of their size)

Presentation by Excellent Development to the Plenary Session

Presentation used in the  International Breakout Session


Please get your club to support this Districct led project and help us make it a success

Many thanks, Bob Mowle


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