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By Webmaster - Posted on 09 December 2014

I give below a brief description of Warwick Rotary Club's plans: -

There have been cultural links between Warwickshire and Bo for the last four years, including teacher exchanges, and school project support from Leamington and Warwick Rotarians, led by a Leamington based charity which promotes educational and vocational links.  The link between Warwick and Bo is therefore established.

However, It was agreed to direct our resources to the Bo Rotary Club which has clear  plans for helping to tackle the outbreak; these have already been partly implemented but are in need of additional funds.  In view of the urgency and scale of the situation, the Committee resolved to allocate the full £1,000 in the budget allocated for International Disasters.

The authenticity of ‘The Rotary of Bo District 9101’ has been confirmed, and the best way to transfer funds established.

It was agreed to make an immediate donation of £500, and to seek the support of other Rotary Clubs, and other organisations and companies, with matching funds before sending the second £500, with the aim of sending a substantially larger sum in total.  The Target is to secure commitment to any matching funds by 14.1.2015 for the money to be transferred by 28.1.2015.

An email exchange between Warwick and Bo Rotary Clubs provided background information -   Bo Rotary are focussing on two programmes – 1) An Ebola awareness raising campaign and 2) Caring for orphaned children.  The projected ‘set up’ costs for both project are approx. £11,000, with in addition a monthly cost of food for children in ‘interim care’, (prior to relatives being traced), a further £3,300. 

The Rotary Club of Warwick is a Registered Charity, No. 10322791; payments should be directed to Warwick Rotary Club Charity Account.  Details in attached PDF available after logon.

Any sums donated for tackling 'Ebola' will be 'ring-fenced' for forwarding to the Rotary Club of Bo, and full recognition given to the source.

John HibbenSecretary, International Committee, The Rotary Club of Warwick

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