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Funds urgently needed for Syrian refugees

By Stella Almond - Posted on 11 September 2013

All Please see the following report on the RIBI website

The RIBI International Committee met in Alcester earlier this week and discussed the humanitarian crisis in the countries bordering with Syria. Over 2 million people are now living in refugee camps and the numbers are increasing by the day. The committee have contacted the Rotary Disaster Box Schemes and only ShelterBox and Aquabox are actively getting their boxes into the area. Other schemes have no plans to give support at this time.

ShelterBox is working with agencies in Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey and has supplied over 1,600 boxes plus other support equipment.Aquabox is working with agencies in Lebanon and have supplied 500 boxes containing humanitarian aid and water filtration kits. Both are planning to give further support either directly or through approved and trusted aid agencies and need your support.The (RIBI) International Committee is therefore asking clubs to support these two box schemes. Donations can be made online or direct to the organisation.

The (RIBI) International Committee will work closely with them to monitor the situation.

All clubs in the disctrict are invited to participate in collecting and donating funds for both of the box schemes. It would be beneficial if clubs could do this on the same day as Ken Homes suggested. Further information will be available ASAP.

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