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International Service - Sand Dams - Club interest in District 1060

By Stella Almond - Posted on 11 September 2013

District 1060 Involvement in a Sand Dams Project

The current RI Global Grant funding via clubs in RIBI for the building of Sand Dams in Kenya with "Excellent Development" is well advanced and scheduled for completion in September 2013. Through the involvement of District International Service Chairs in RIBI, the commencement of the funding of the next phase is underway. 16 Districts in RIBI have expressed a wish to be involved and I have included District 1060.

With so many Districts involved it is impractical for each District to run its own Global Grant project - there are not enough clubs in the building area to partner with and the overhead on Excellent Development and Rotary Foundation would be significant.

The strategy therefore is to aim for one Global Grant - possibly repeated annually over the next three years - covering all RIBI Districts who prefer to use the Grant route rather than direct donations to Excellent. There are real advantages in doing this as we can aim to cover regions where 4-5 dams are needed, finance much larger super-dams, and still cover the surrounding agriculture and possibly school water tanks. This gives us the opportunity to develop relationships on a regional basis.

Ideally we need to have all funding committed by the Foundation by December each year so that the plans to build can progress smoothly. That means that clubs do not have to rush fundraising - we go with what will be available by December 2013 now, but follow-up the following years with funds that will be available later. There is an advantage in a flow of funds over a period of time. That means we need to identify the level of interest in District 1060 now, and for the next 2 years (which we will review annually).

To this end I would like each club to consider the following questions and respond to me accordingly by the end of June:

1. Is your club interested in involvement in Sand Dams ?

2. Your view of what funding capability you are able to commit to providing at the beginning of December 2013.


3. Your outlook for your funding capability for December 2014 and 2015.

I understand that clubs often do not plan this far in advance, but the level of planning we need to do for projects of this size is substantial and detailed. If you are interested in Sand Dams then it may be you can make a commitment not for December 2013 but maybe 2014 and/or 2015.

Please reply to me asap even if it is just to say you are not interested in Sand Dams.

I will endeavour to seek a level of District support once I am aware of interest amongst clubs.

Many thanks

Bob Mowle

International Service Chair

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