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By Stella Almond - Posted on 04 December 2012


We are again participating in this fundraising promotion to try and generate online donations for 'Water Survival Boxes' (we raised over £20,000 through the 2011 promotion).

During the promotional period, online donations will be matched by money that that has been 'pledged' by a number of Rotary Clubs and by the 'BigGive Charity Champion Sponsors'. Thank you to all Clubs that have 'pledged' money. A matching fund pot of nearly £14,000 has been created for this purpose providing us with the opportunity to this year raise up to nearly £28,000 - the 'BigGive Charity Champion Sponsor' fund is a finite amount of money that all charities participating in the promotion will be competing for a share of - it is therefore important that we encourage those wanting to donate to go online as soon as the website opens for donations (10am each day) in order to try and maximise the figure.

To make an online donation during the promotional period donors need to follow this website link:

A full explanation as to how the promotion works is covered in the attached pdf.

BigGive run this promotion to encourage the idea of people making online donations to charities. Therefore, only donations made online by debit or credit card will qualify for matching funds. They also provide a facility for administering gift aid for whom that is relevant - i.e. personal donations by UK taxpayers.

We are hoping that Rotary Clubs throughout RIBI will use every opportunity to publicise this promotion for us (it is also an opportunity for Rotary Clubs to further raise their profile within the community - e.g. 'The Rotary Cub of........ is supporting the BigGive Christmas Challenge to raise money for 'Water Survival Boxes'......'). People need to know what our charity is about (encourage them to visit for more information). They need to be made aware that if they make an online donation during the promotional period the value of that donation will be doubled. They also need the details as to when and how to make an online donation.

The promotion runs from the 6th to the 8th of December 2012 and the website opens at 10am each day. The more people we can encourage to put it in their diaries to go online at 10am on the 6th December the better. If they are not successful on the first attempt then we hope that they will keep trying on subsequent days. Please use copy such as:

'Donate at 10am on the 6th, 7th or 8th of December to be in with the best chance of having your donation doubled'.

Last year a number of Rotary Clubs decided to make online donations with a representative going online on behalf of the Club. Please also consider this option.All money raised from this promotion will be used to produce 'Water Survival Boxes' so that they are available to rapidly respond to any relevant disasters that occur in 2013.

Please address any further questions you may have to:

With many thanks for the support already given and pledged.

Hugo Pike PHF

Director of Operations - Worldwaterworks Ltd

PP RC Chelwood Bridge – D 1200

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