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Oklahoma disaster Aid Update

By Stella Almond - Posted on 26 May 2013

"Diaster Aid USA is deploying to Oklahoma to help the survivors of this horrific F-4 tornado. At this time we know whole communities have been wiped out and at least 51 dead with school children among the them, as two schools were totally destroyed. Response Team members from Louisiana and Texas are preparing to leave for affected towns. During hurricane Isaac the team provided water filtration systems, debris removal, mental health counseling, ham radio access and incident command support. Please donate to any amount to help our team help the survivors and first responders."

DA USA is a Rotarian Operated Project of the Bladensburg Rotary Club and has responded to domestic disasters related to Isaac and Sandy and have deployed internationally. They provide shelter, clean water, everyday supplies, or 4 room schools to survivors of disasters. They vow to be completely transparent and welcome inquiries about how they use donations. They are partnered with Disaster Aid Australia, and Disaster Aid UK and Ireland ( )

Shelterbox are believed to be in the area and assessing the situation. They have boxes on standby in Panama ready to go at a moments notice and are in discussions with their US Affiliates and will react when asked.

You can view the latest on this link

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