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ShelterBox Operational Report

By Stella Almond - Posted on 16 August 2013


India – Flooding

Team: Eva Doerr (DE), Mike Peachy (NZ)


Flash flooding in India's northern Himalayan region has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes leaving them stranded in the mountains. India does not accept the importation of foreign aid. All importation of ‘aid’ is taxed heavily, and consequently ShelterBox has been unable to respond to disasters in India previously. As a result, a considerable part of this deployment will be investigating the feasibility of importing aid into India. The SRT is currently in the country beginning needs assessments and exploring the possibility if importing aid using government and Rotary contacts.

USA – Tornado

Team: Alan Monroe (US), Jeff Deatherage (US), Garn Cristensen (US)


On 20 May 2013 an EF5 tornado tore through a 27-kilometre stretch of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people and destroying over a thousand homes. ShelterBox sent a Response Team to assess whether there was any need for ShelterBox aid, but the team found that FEMA and the American Red Cross were supporting the affected families. 

However, some 200 families have been left without shelter; the initial support provided to these families has been withdrawn leaving them in the same situation as immediately following the tornado. Some families have received camping tents, but they are not resilient enough to survive the rigours of extended day-to-day use. The SRT will be distributing tents to the families in need that have been sent from prepositioned stock in Panama. 

Jordan – Syrian refugees – conflict

Team: Joe Cannon (UK), Sallie Buck (UK), Marie Vincent (UK) – depart 25 June

Aid distributed: 

100 boxes


ShelterBox has been working with partners in Jordan to distribute winterised boxes to provide rest areas for newly arriving refugees on their journey to Zaatari Camp. The SRT will travel to Jordan next week to check distributions and assess whether there is further need.

Syria/Turkey – Syria refugees – conflict

Team: John Cordell (US), Sam Hewett (UK), Max Hogg (UK), Andrew Biss (UK), Toby Ash (UK)

Aid distributed:

150 life straws, 150 water carriers, 150 solar lamps, 150 mosquito nets


Our implementing partner Hand in Hand for Syria is currently distributing the second truckload of ShelterBox aid to displaced people in Syria. The non-shelter items include water filters and carriers, insect nets, solar lamps, kitchen sets and SchoolBoxes. Another truckload of aid including tents is en route to Syria as well as a truckload of ShelterBoxes and more SchoolBoxes. 

Lebanon – Syrian refugees – conflict 

Team: David Webber (UK),Fiona McElroy (UK), Phil Duloy (UK), Jo Reid (UK), Mark Van Alphen (NL), Greg Rogers (UK), Richard Innes (UK), Malcolm Shead (UK), Torstein Nelson (NO), Gerry de Vries (NL), Anne Seuren (NL), Mike Greenslade (AU), Chris Donald (UK), Maged Eskander (EG), Derek Locke (US), Rachel Harvey (CH/UK), John Levine (UK), Eva Doerr (DE)

Aid distributed: 

885 boxes

Comments: ShelterBox is working with multiple implementing partners that are undertaking discrete micro distributions to Syrian refugee families across the country. Due to heightened security risks, there are no SRTs in country but distributions continue through the partner network.

Other Ops news

Record-breaking floods swept across Canada's southern Alberta on Sunday forcing more than 100,000 people to flee their homes. Using contacts in Canada, ShelterBox is receiving the latest updates as it continues to monitor the situation.

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