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By Stella Almond - Posted on 29 June 2014

On 1 Apr 2014, a 8.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in the shallow depths near the Chilean coast, 95 km Northwest of Iquique. It was the largest in a sequence of earthquakes in northern Chile that started on 1 Jan 2014. A tsunami alert was issued for Chile, Peru and Ecuador, and later extended to Colombia and Panama; tsunami watches were issued for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. Timely alert messages allowed for the evacuation of close to 1 million people in areas with high tsunami risk on the coast of Chile and Easter Island. Six people were killed, around 2,000 houses near Iquique were damaged, and power and utility network interruptions, minor flooding and landslides affecting roads were reported.

On 2 April a request for WSB aid was received from DG Jorge Vega Diaz – District 4320. 200 WSBs were immediately available and were sent to Santiago where they were collected by Rotarians and taken by road the 2,000km north for distribution by the Rotary Club of Cavancha in Iquique. Families affected by disruption of water supplies and destruction of homes in isolated inland communities were the intended recipients. 120 School in a Bag rucksacks were also supplied courtesy of our partner charity – the Somerset based Piers Simon Appeal. The contents of the SIAB are intended to enable children of school age to have the basic materials needed to resume their schooling pending a return to normality. A detailed report on distribution of the boxes and rucksacks is currently being prepared and will be sent following the return of DG Jorge from the RI Convention in Sydney, Australia in a couple of weeks time.

Hugo Pike OBE PHF

Director of Operations – Worldwaterworks Ltd – < 

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