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We are keen to promote the work that many of you are involved in in District 1060 as well as keep you informed of the work done in RIBI and RI international. Please ask if you have any queries and we will do our best to help you. Our policy is to try and provide as much information through newsletters and links to websites as we can to help clubs find international projects. And to help clubs with projects to find clubs to support them. We will also support RIBI initiatives in responding to disasters - normally clubs should donate to the box projects or support any national appeals through DEC which are advertised. 

Reach beyond your community and connect with others who share common interests. Make a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. Whether you’re interested in meeting new friends, participating in a cultural or vocational exchange, or finding a partner for a service project, Rotary International has resources that can help, visit .....

Rotary Service Connections

Thanks for your enthusiasm - Bob Mowle and all the members of the District International Service Committee

Further information is available here


The Story of the End of Polio


For the latest information from RI visit the RI Polio Home Page .





DGE Jan Brinck (District 1440) recently took delivery of two DemonstrationBoxes for use in his and an adjoining District in Denmark. Last week Janasked if we could supply boxes to two of the three other Danish districtsand this will be arranged very shortly. These requests stemmed from ourattendance at the Rotary Institute meeting in Sundsvall, Sweden last yearand we are delighted to learn that four of the five incoming Danish RotaryDistrict Governors are planning to encourage their Clubs to considersupporting our Rotary project. We are also aware that all six NorwegianDistricts and at least four of the Swedish Districts are promoting ourproject in the new Rotary Year.


ShelterBox Operational Report


India – Flooding

Team: Eva Doerr (DE), Mike Peachy (NZ)


Flash flooding in India's northern Himalayan region has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes leaving them stranded in the mountains. India does not accept the importation of foreign aid. All importation of ‘aid’ is taxed heavily, and consequently ShelterBox has been unable to respond to disasters in India previously. As a result, a considerable part of this deployment will be investigating the feasibility of importing aid into India. The SRT is currently in the country beginning needs assessments and exploring the possibility if importing aid using government and Rotary contacts.

Liter of Light - How a humble plastc bottle lights up lives!

The My Shelter Foundation aims to brighten up one million homes around the world by 2015, using the simple idea of recycling plastic bottles and filling them with water and bleach to create solar light bottles. See how they started the movement in Manila, Philippines by watching the video or by visiting their website at 

Responding to disaster comes naturally for New York Rotarian

Responding to disaster comes naturally for New York Rotarian

Jim Kushner knows the recipe for disaster relief is simply to show up. 

As Jim Kushner sees it, there’s no choice, not for him. Others may dither when a tsunami hits Japan, an earthquake levels parts of Haiti, or a hurricane like Irene or Sandy demolishes a vast swath of homes and businesses along the U.S. northeast coast. For Kushner, past president of the Rotary Club of Inwood, Manhattan, in the borough’s northernmost neighborhood, natural disasters present no options: They demand and deserve immediate and effective action. How could anyone not drop everything and respond? he wonders.

Follow the link to find out more about this inspirational story.

International Service Newsletter - June 2013

Latest news from the International Service committee can be found in the June Newsletter, which is now available on the website. This issue includes:

  • Rotarians Give a Dam – Kenya Visit
  • Club Annual Returns – Thank you
  • Honour for Elizabeth
  • The Secretariat – Thank you
  • Your Club/District Projects
  • Facebook - make friends with the RIBI International Resource Group page
  • Year End 2012/13 – Peace Through Service

RIBI International Committee Newsletter - July 2013

A very warm welcome to the International section from the 2013-14 Committee members

The July Newsletter is available for download here.

Sand Dams have featured heavily during 2012-13 and were subject to a (self-financing) impact assessment by RIBI Rotarians earlier this month. James Onions will gladly provide you with more details on how clubs and districts may join the many already involved.

Rotary Showcase is an excellent way of highlighting the excellent work done by Rotarians throughout RIBI, please share your International projects.

International Service Newsletter - April 2013

Latest news from the International Service committee can be found in the April Newsletter, which is now available on the website. This issue includes:

  • RIBI Conference
  • Connecticut Trophy Winner
  • Olivia Giles – 500 Miles Charity
  • Literacy Box

Rotary Club of Knysna South Africa - invitation to Charity Golf Challenge

The Rotary Club of Knysna, South Africa would like to extend this wonderful invitation to take part in their Charity Golf Challenge 20th - 27th October 2013. Go dolphin and whale viewing at sea, walk with lions, enjoy African sundowners, dine in style and of course play great golf! Please read what Sesel  Hartshorne has to say about the event.

 I am writing to you on behalf of the Rotary Club of Knysna in South Africa.

As you know we have great needs in our communities and we are finding that our little town has extreme donor fatigue.

Our club has been involved in major events for many years, our home is an international destination of choice, we have combined these two aspects to put together an exciting international fund raising event and are asking for assistance from Rotary Clubs around the world. Please have a look at the invitation attached and have a look at our website, in particular have a look at our Beneficiary page where you will see all the work that we do with our community and the names of clubs who have thus far assisted us.

Water & Sanitation Project in India - support needed

The Rotary Club of Vapi Riverside is requesting support for their Literacy and Water related projects in the Gujarat. Will your club support these worthy projects? Please read what Minesh Tailor has to say about his clubs involvement or go to their website to find out more by following the link below.

 Rotary Greetings from Minesh Tailor, RC Vapi Riverside, RID 3060, India.

Rotary Vapi Riverside (RVR) was chartered in 2004 with past Rotaractors. At present we are 44 members from various vocations averaging 38 years of age. RVR is working on many Literacy and Water related Projects. RVR has registered 3 projects on Project Link.

International Service Newsletter - March 2013

Latest news from the International Service committee can be found in the March Newsletter, which is now available on the website. This issue includes:

  • World Water Day
  • AIDS Free Birthright for Children
  • International Displays for Hire
  • Going the Extra Mile for Polio

Literacy in a Box Newsletter and Facebook postings

The Literacy in a Box April Newsletter is now available to download from our Newsletter page.

All Literacy in a Box Facebook postings are now easily accessible from our News events page. Please either follow us on Facebook or bookmark the News events page and make regular returns to keep up to date with our activities.

Oklahoma disaster Aid Update

"Diaster Aid USA is deploying to Oklahoma to help the survivors of this horrific F-4 tornado. At this time we know whole communities have been wiped out and at least 51 dead with school children among the them, as two schools were totally destroyed. Response Team members from Louisiana and Texas are preparing to leave for affected towns. During hurricane Isaac the team provided water filtration systems, debris removal, mental health counseling, ham radio access and incident command support. Please donate to any amount to help our team help the survivors and first responders."

The Guatemala Literacy Project

The Rotary Club of Kenilworth would like to invite Rotary Clubs, in District 1060, to join them in supporting The Guatemala Literacy Project. This is a wonderful example of international Rotary cooperation which is already is the subject of a global grant. They will be the first UK Rotary Club to join the project.

Rtn. John Stanton writes

The Rotary Club of Kenilworth has had over the years a wide range of international projects to support, water & literacy being prominent interests.

We have become increasingly aware of the severe problems of poverty, domestic violence & serious lack of privilege suffered by children in Guatemala. Guatemala is considered to be the most illiterate & least educated region in the Western Hemisphere. The Mayan Indian communities suffer systemic poverty, illiteracy & inequality.

ShelterBox responds to flooding in Uganda


A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has just landed in Uganda as continuous heavy rains in the western Kasese region have caused the ‘worst flooding since 1976’, according to the country’s authorities and media reports.

Uganda National Rotary alerted ShelterBox Operations department describing the disaster:

‘… Rains have wreaked havoc in Kasese District… at least six people have been killed… thousands of homes washed away, a hospital inundated, and roads made impassable… the immediate needs are shelter, blankets, water filtration…’


Republic of South Africa.jpg


Rtn David Grant, Chairman of District 9400 Disaster Relief Committee recently asked for our help to alleviate the flooding disaster that has displaced tens of thousands of families in southern Mozambique. David is a member of the RC of Kayalami in Johannesburg, and his District covers the north east of South Africa, Swaziland, and the southern half of Mozambique. We were able to respond within 12 hours to which he commented ‘This really is Rotary in Action!’


Staff from CAFOD partner, Caritas Lebanon distribute shelter materials to new arrivals in Lebanon. Photo credit: Caritas Suisse/

Today marks 40 days since the DEC launched its Syria Crisis Appeal.Fierce fighting across Syria has caused millions of people to flee their homes. Some remain in the country while others have fled across the border to the relative safety of neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

Thanks to our generous supporters, the Syria Crisis Appeal has so far raised over £13 million. Even as the fighting continues to rage across Syria, our member agencies are telling us about the amazing work they are doing. The kind donations from DEC supporters has helped to make this work possible. Our member agencies are working round the clock to get food, clean water, sanitation and shelter to refugees and others in need.

WATER-SURVIVAL BOX UPDATE - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Turkey


Maria Harken and Emelie Andersson, 6th form students at Vastermalms High School, Sundsvall, Sweden spent 15 to 17 April with our Rotary Club as the guests of Worldw

Clean water brings better health

Residents of Makoor, Kerala, India, show the effects of years of drinking and cooking with highly fluoridated water.

 The World Health Organization estimates that almost one-tenth of global diseases could be prevented by improving the water supply, sanitation, hygiene, and the management of water resources.

The citizens of Patari, a village in Uttar Pradesh, are among 25 million people in India alone who suffer the consequences of fluorosis, an irreversible condition caused by elevated levels of fluoride in drinking water. The painful effects of fluorosis can include bone deformities, calcification of ligaments and tendons, and abnormal bone density.

ShelterBox sends tents for Pakistan quake survivors

ShelterBox tents are en route to help displaced families in Mashkail, an area in Balochistan Province in south-western Pakistan that has been the most affected by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which hit inside southern Iran near the Pakistan border on 16 April.

The violent tremors flattened much of Mashkail and the surrounding region including houses and shops. Media reports are saying national relief efforts have been delayed due to the isolation of the area.

Hospital Equipment for India - Can you help?

I have just returned from two weeks on business in India including a weekend in Kolkata. I had a meeting with Mr. B.D Agarwal, one of our long time suppliers and business associates who is the owner of a foundry and a Rotarian who has become extremely active in community service.

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