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We are keen to promote the work that many of you are involved in in District 1060 as well as keep you informed of the work done in RIBI and RI international. Please ask if you have any queries and we will do our best to help you. Our policy is to try and provide as much information through newsletters and links to websites as we can to help clubs find international projects. And to help clubs with projects to find clubs to support them. We will also support RIBI initiatives in responding to disasters - normally clubs should donate to the box projects or support any national appeals through DEC which are advertised. 

Reach beyond your community and connect with others who share common interests. Make a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. Whether you’re interested in meeting new friends, participating in a cultural or vocational exchange, or finding a partner for a service project, Rotary International has resources that can help, visit .....

Rotary Service Connections

Thanks for your enthusiasm - Bob Mowle and all the members of the District International Service Committee

Further information is available here


The Story of the End of Polio


For the latest information from RI visit the RI Polio Home Page .



Village Water - Lessons for Life

Welcome to Village Water.jpeg

Village Water, the UK based charity providing clean water in Zambia, is very much aware of the important link between sanitation and improved health. They also realise that hygiene education is key to the uptake of sanitation. Inspired by Rotary, Village Water have developed a hygiene education programme known as LESSONS for LIFE, delivered to young school children who are eager to learn and who can, with simple ‘pester power’, persuade their elders to change their ways. It is solely funded by Rotary clubs and the current year’s programme in six rural schools is almost fully funded.

ShelterBox Current Operations


ShelterBox are currently working on five different disasters, Our work in Jordan and the Lebanon to provide support to the Syrian refugees coming across the borders remains a major priority for ShelterBox, your support in sharing this information with your Rotary district clubs will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Syrian Crisis

Help urgently needed!

Having discussed the Syrian crisis with RIBI President John Minhinick, I would suggest that clubs wishing to help the Syrian refugees should support ShelterBox who are currently working in the Lebanon and Jordan. Further updates will be made as information becomes available.


Drew Hughes – Chairman 2012/13

International Service Committee

Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland





The trustees of Worldwaterworks Ltd are delighted to announce a new partnership arrangement with the British Search and Rescue organisation – SARAID. Trained SARAID volunteers will be used to accompany some future consignments of Water-Survival Boxes to assist local agencies with distribution and to provide us with quality feedback. Working with Rotary and/or international aid agencies including Red Cross/Red Crescent; Caritas; Humanity First; Oxfam; Save the Children; and UNICEF in the receiving countries will continue to ensure that our aid is properly and expeditiously distributed to families ‘most in need’.

Join the global fight against hunger!

The Food and Agriculture Organization reports that an alarming 870 million people around the world do not have sufficient access to food. Malnutrition is the largest single contributor to disease, according to the UN's Standing Committee on Nutrition. How can our vast Rotary community help alleviate one of the world's most pressing needs? It’s time to take action and join the global fight against hunger and malnutrition!

Join us for a 60-minute webinar to learn how your club and district can develop or expand sustainable projects to help reduce hunger and malnutrition in communities most in need of assistance.

Build peace and understanding through Intercountry Committees

How has your club celebrated February as World Understanding month? It has been perfect occasion to remind ourselves of our power to promote and build peace in the world and to celebrate Rotary’s many accomplishments toward peace.

Intercountry Committees (ICCs) work to build strong national ties between Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries. They facilitate home visits, youth and friendship exchanges, international meetings, open dialogue between Rotarians, and cultural activities. They also promote ongoing service and vocational activities that transcend club, district, and national borders.

Jole Rider - All Things Gambian

We have begun training Lamin and Suloman at Jole Rider's BikeFactory Gambia.With their new tools they are showing incredible aptitude. Their big thing is wheels truing sideways and vertically, replacing spokes, replacing rims, and re-building from scratch. This is great for them to learn, as damaged wheels are by far the most common problem in The Gambia.

Literacy In A Box Trust - new DVD available

The Literacy in a Box Trust is proud to announce the launch of its new DVD containing a short and long video on our work. It can be ordered from Friday 1st March.

Meanwhile, please visit our website from Monday 25th February and on our homepage you will be able to preview the new short video. There, you will also find a YouTube link to the longer video, which lasts about 10 minutes and is ideal to use at meetings to inform the audience about Literacy Boxes. If you would like to download either version for use, or wish to have a hard copy of the DVD, please contact the Trust using the contact details on our website.

International Service Committee Newsletter - February 2013

 Latest news from the International Service committee can be found in the February Newsletter, which is now available on the website. This issue includes:

  • NEW – International Pull-up displays - a set of four is now available from the RIBI shop.
  • National Immunisation Day India January 2013 - thirty two volunteers from RIBI travel to India, to administer polio vaccinations to local children, as part of National Immunisation Day.
  • Pahar Trust - Nepal. Clubs in District 1100 fund a school in Nepal in partnership with the Pahar Trust.
  • Global Peace Forum in Derry, Londonderry. The Rotary  Club of Londonderry in partnership with the University of Ulsters International Conflict Research Institute will host a Global Peace Forum from the 24th-26th May 2013

Shelterbox appoints a new CEO

After a rigorous recruitment process, the Board of ShelterBox is pleased to announce that Alison Wallace will take over as its new Chief Executive Officer from April 2013. Alison is a New Zealander, a law and commerce graduate and joins ShelterBox from Amnesty International where she has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills. She is an excellent communicator and team player with a track record in fundraising and strategy development.

Water Aid - Samfya District update

Excellent progress has been made in the Samfya District, Zambia thanks to the generous support from clubs across Great Britain and Ireland. To date over 4,500 people now have access to safe water and over 3,000 have a safe place to go to the toilet. However there is still much more to be done to help reach the 9,200 people that WaterAid has committed to help before the dry season begins and the struggle to find water becomes ever harder.

ShelterBox - Rotary's project partnership

UK teams had a busy Christmas as many Cornish towns flooded, including ShelterBox’s home town of Helston. Worldwide we are currently helping families displaced by, among other crises, civil war in Syria, typhoon in the Philippines, a cyclone in Fiji, bush fires in Australia and flooding in Nigeria.

ShelterBox Operations Information - January 2013

Philippines – Tropical Storm Bopha

Team: Sonny Ongkiko (PH), Abner Tayco (PH), John Cordell (US), Alice Jefferson (UK), Sharon Donald (UK), Bruce Heller (US)

Aid distributed: 49 boxes

Comments: Typhoon Bopha struck northern Palawan with winds of 120 kilometres per hour and gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour. Coastal, farming and mining regions were affected by the typhoon. ShelterBoxes are being distributed on a micro level in Compostela valley to enable people to live on their plots of land whilst rebuilding their homes. Distributions are slow as there is so much destruction, land clearance has been delayed. Another SRT has travelled up the coast of Davao Oriental assessing need in remote areas and distributions will commence there this week.

Communities in the Samfya District urgently need your support this World Water Day, 22 March 2013

Life in Samfya District is incredibly hard; roughly one in ten people have access to a safe water source and fewer than one in 100 have access to somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Several times a day women and children begin the long, tiring journey to collect unsafe water. Water that they know will make them ill and even worse, could kill them.

ShelterBox Operations Information - February 2013

Australia – Flooding


Mike Greenslade (AU), Andrew Gauci (AUS)


Torrential rains and swollen rivers have damaged thousands of homes across New South Wales and Queensland and left some communities short of power, food and water. An Australian-based SRT is assessing the need in New South Wales .

Mozambique – Flooding


Tracey Wilson (SA), David Good (SA)

ngoShare is taking off

Since ngoShare launched two weeks ago we have received some wonderful endorsements from NGOs, individuals, foundations and Rotary members worldwide! ngoShare members recognize the value and power of collaborating and sharing the vast resources of experience, knowledge, contacts and ideas we all possess. We are following up to encourage you to use the service and pass the word to anyone, anywhere that you feel would benefit from it.

Thank you from Disaster Aid

As we are not a large box charity, DA UK & Ireland /LifeBox have focused efforts mainly in two areas of the world.

Mali - water survival boxes aid 3,300 refugees - urgent appeal for funding


This week’s news has drawn international attention to a manmade disaster that has been unfolding in the West African country of Mali for several months. One of the effects of the Islamist insurgency in the north of the country has been to create a flood of refugees that have moved south to avoid the conflict.

RIBI International Service Committee Newsletter December 2012

  • This issue includes - Condolences to District 7980 Connecticut
  • Mid-Year Review
  • Life for African Mothers - saving women in childbirth by supplying medication to mothers at risk in Somaliland, Liberia and Uganda
  • Baby Clothes for Eastern Europe - providing baby clothes and warm blankets for babies and mothers at risk in Romania and Moldova
  • Twinning of Clubs. Has your club considered twinning?
  • Rotary Jaipur Limb - working in India, Africa and Haiti


Worldwaterworks Ltd: By 11.30 am yesterday we had received the full £13,600 in donations needed to benefit from the full £6,800 pledged prior to 14 October and the £6,800 matched by the BigGive Challenge fund itself – total £27,200.

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