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By Ian Maddock - Posted on 26 October 2014

Rotarian & Mrs Keith Wilkinson (left), with auctioneer Roger Sadler (centre) and Rotarian Ian Mcpherson (right)

Our annual Harvest Auction this year was another success, raising £1881 in the evening for charitable funds. Professional auctioneer Roger Sadler was our guest for the evening, and it is thanks to his inimitable, good-humoured and entertaining style that Rotarians and guests generously dipped hands deep into pockets to purchase a wide range of items donated by club members. As usual a holiday in the Turkish apartment owned by Past President Neil and Kate Brazier raised a goodly sum, as did Ian McPherson's superbly sculpted Celtic coss - but every item donated, from fruit and vegetables, meals and mince-pies to an 'adrenalin thrill in an American Mussel car', contributed to a very successful evening. 

Photograph shows auctionner Roger Sadler (centre), Rotarian Ian McPherson (right) and successful bidders Rotarian Keith and Mrs Doreen Wilkinson with the Celtic cross.

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