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Rotary sleigh collection tops £5,000 for the first time

By Mike Deathridge - Posted on 20 February 2012


The generous people of Kinver, Enville and Wollaston have excelled themselves in their donations to Kinver Rotary Club’s Christmas Sleigh, putting more than £5,000 in the collecting tins for the first time in the 26-year history of the annual fund-raiser.


The final income is expected to approach £5,100 which will be distributed (after deduction of expenses) to charities and voluntary groups in the three communities.


The club president Neil Brazier described the total as a “magnificent achievement” and commented that any final figure that exceeded £4,000 would have been a wonderful result in the current constrained financial times and added: “It is difficult to find the appropriate words to convey our appreciation of the generosity of so many people who gave so willingly. I can only say a sincere ‘thank you’


“And while I am expressing my thanks to all those who gave, I must add my thanks to the members of the Rotary Club of Kinver who had an input into the building, maintenance and decoration of our delightful sleigh and  also to the entire membership for walking many miles and knocking on hundreds of doors to collect donations over the nine night of the collection, often in the most appalling wet weather.”

The photograph shows a psychedic view of the sleigh!

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