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Snowbound sleigh’s £4,500 takes Rotary Club’s recent charity collections total to £15,000

By John Pittwood - Posted on 24 December 2017

~~Despite being hit by the pre Christmas deluge of snow which forced the cancellation of four nights’ Santa tours, Kinver Rotary Club’s Christmas sleigh raised more than £4,500 for needy causes in Kinver, Wollaston, Enville and Wall Heath.

Fortunately the club was able to visit its newest locations – Doulton Brook in Wollaston and Aldi at Kingswinford/Pensnett before the snows arrived, so mitigating the deficit on the annual collection.Club President Clive Corbett says: “Although it is sad that the weather left us no option but to disappoint many children on the four routes we were unable to undertake, the joy that we gave to so many is a great thing and the real essence of Kinver Rotary's work.”

Members began the sleigh tours in the knowledge that their fund raising activities over the preceding weeks had raised more than £11,000.Final figures from the 10k Sheepwalks Shocker reveal that Action Heart received £6,600 with a further £307 going to Kinver Fitness Collective from the associated 2k family event while the annual Children in Need quiz hosted by Voice of the Balls Alan Dedicoat netted £1,125 .

The club’s harvest auction put £1,273 into its general charity account,  a whisky tasting evening raised £752 for the Place2B charity and a music evening organised by the club’s international committee resulted in £982 being earmarked for overseas charitable works.

Clive Corbett  adds:  “We hope anybody who views Rotary as a movement for elderly gentlemen who merely meet and eat will change their opinions as they realise we support a wide variety of deserving causes while, at the same time, having great enjoyment from all we do.”

If you enjoy organising or taking part in events to assist those less fortunate than most, quizzing, listening to music, appreciating good whiskeys or merely enjoying some fine fellowship with like-minded people contact Kinver Rotary Club  membership secretary Tom Bryson on  07541 449807.

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