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Rotary around the World

By David Cross - Posted on 20 February 2017

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Whilst Rotary prides itself in being ‘for’ and helping local communities in which the Club is based, Rotary also is involved with many International Projects helping countries and people less fortunate than ourselves here in the UK. 


Polio Eradication ‘This Close’

Unless you are of a certain age or ethnicity, you may not be aware that the crippling disease of Polio is still active and a threat to us all, ‘only a flight away’.

Since 1985 Rotary has led the battle against polio, and kept the pressure on as worldwide cases plummeted from 350,000 per year to several hundred. When India went off the list of endemic countries in 2012, we took one more step towards eradicating a human disease from the earth for only the second time in history. Now, Rotary and its partners are ‘This Close’ to making that dream a reality.  The figures show that for the year ending 31 December 2016 there have been a total of 38 Polio cases reported compared to same period in 2015 of 97, with only 3 countries remaining Polio endemic.

The photo above shows how the Polio vaccine is administered, just 2 drops on the tongue.  Cost per vaccine less than 15 pence.

Whilst Rotary is not solely responsible for eradicating Polio, it has played a major part in ensuring the disease will be eradicated and keeping it on the world governments / UN agenda for action. Learn more at


Rotary International 'Emergency' Boxes

In response to many, if not all earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and famine appeals, Rotary and it’s ‘partners’ produce and supply a variety of ‘Emergency Boxes’ in order to rapidly respond to a particular need, typically one type of ‘Box’ is Shelter Box which provides a tent, cooking equipment, water purification, sleeping bags and clothes for a up to a family of 10 for 2 weeks. 

Originally ‘Shelterbox’ was started by Helston Lizard  Rotary Club in 2000 as a small millennium project, supplying these much needed first line emergency boxes all around the world.  To ensure a rapid response to disaster areas, stocks of Shelterboxes are stored in Australasia and America as well as here in the UK.   Rotarians visiting Cornwall are always welcome to visit the headquarters to have a look around this amazing organisation, and many devote a day or two of their holidays helping out too!


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