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Lichfield Cathedral to Tamworth Castle Run

By Brian Homewood - Posted on 27 April 2017

C2C Route.png

The 2017 Cathedral to Castle Run was a great success in brilliant sunshine. The 500 runners showered the event with praise and we think most of them will be back next year. They showed us how much they appreciated the well marshaled course and the encouragement the marshals provided. The two Tamworth and Lichfield Rotary Clubs worked for over a twelve months to achieve their objective. I was privileged to sit in on the last few well focused and pleasant meetings. At the end these meetings were once a week, with much work going on in days between the meetings.

During the week prior to the run, the Charles Chipperfield Circus was in the Castle Grounds and it added to the carnival feeling as well as giving our organisers some extra headaches. Also some of the marshals reported hearing firing at the shooting range while the run was continuing. It appears there was a meeting of the local gun club. Ian James’s team were concerned but it appears there was no danger to the runners. You can see the event was not dull with many changes of direction on the way. Hopefully the event will run through the Cathedral Close next year. Some people have proposed it should run from Tamworth to Lichfield. Other Rotarians are proposing changes to the route to keep drivers and runners further apart and safer. Views on ways to improve this successful event will be greatly appreciated. It is hoped we shall have many more runners next year and a much larger profit for the charity funds.

We can all be proud that the support of so many Rotarians, Scouts and others made this an enjoyable event. Report by Brian Homewood. Map from the official website Click the link to see more. The facebook page provides an opportunity for feedback


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