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Obituary - A Farewell to Jordan Silver 1912 - 2015

By Mike Maybury - Posted on 30 April 2015

It is always a sad time when we come to say good-bye to a fellow Rotarian butparticularly now, for whenever we may have joined our Club, we have always known Jordan.

Out of his 103 years, he was a Rotarian for 56 of them, joining the Club in 1959 and even when working for 5 years in Cheshire, he kept his membership intact, returning to Lichfield in 1971 and embracing the Presidency in 1975. That says a very greatdeal for his loyalty and no less his close participation in all aspects of Rotary.

He was also a keen member of the Caravan section of R.I.B.I and I have happymemories of his part in a notable away weekend at the Red Lion in Bredwardinewhere he parked his van and his green Rover 75 in the orchard. There, it was anopen door every day whether for tea, or coffee or something a little bit stronger.The weekend was notable because of his friendship but also because we drank thepub dry of Scrumpy Jack.

We will all have our personal memories of Jordan; the warmth of his personality,his cheerfulness, and his general helpfulness to all. We may also recall hisimmaculate personal appearance, which was quite unchanging - did you ever seehim without a tie?

Although the last few months had proved troublesome for him, he still joined usfor his regular Thursdays and although you may think that he nodded off fromtime to time, be assured that his mind was as sharp as ever.

Thank you for all you did for Rotary, Jordan, and for your abiding fellowship. It hasbeen a privilege to have known you.

Our thoughts are with his daughters, Anne and Susan and all the 40 odd membersof his greater family.

Kindly written by Peter Boggis.

Funeral Arrangements

A Cremation Service will be held at Fradley Crematorium at 11:30 am on the 8th May 2015.

Afterwards there will be a gathering of family and friends at Darnford Moors Golf Club and all are welcome.

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