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RIBI Restructuring

By Steve Cartwright - Posted on 15 August 2013

Many of you will know that Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland is leading the way by taking control of its administrative boundaries, potentially creating larger and more effective regions (Districts) that support Rotary Clubs as they continue to deliver service projects and activities to the local and international communities. See more on the RIBI Membership Development and Retention Site.

In District 1060 I have been appointed District Restructuring Officer to oversee the process for the District.

We have held five Area Consultation Meetings covering the various areas within the District.  Reports from each of these meetings can be found as attachments below.  I have also attached a report giving a summary of the whole process so far.  This is also included on this page for easy access.

I have asked the webmaster to set up a forum for the discussion of the whole restructuring process.  I hope you will join in the discussion so that we can get the best outcome for Rotary in our islands.

DRO Report - 9 August 2013

ACM Programme

A total of 5 ACMs have been held covering all 7 D1060 Areas. Each ACM convened by the AGs, and facilitated by Rotarians from outside D1060, in our case PDG Linda May (D1070) and IPDG Trevor Davies (D1210) who had undergone training specifically for the task at RIBI Alcester.

Recording of ACM Outcomes

The AGs concerned noted all items raised on a ‘flip chart’, at the ACM conclusion these items were reviewed and agreed by all attendees. In each case the Facilitator will compile a comprehensive report for RIBI Membership, Development and Retention Committee, copy of same will also be provided for the AG and Clubs involved.

All ACM ‘outcomes’ from all Districts within RIBI will be reviewed by the RIBI MDR Committee and discussed with the General Council in November following which an ‘Interim Report’ will be published in December 2013.

Initial and IMPORTANT Comment - by IPDG Steve Cartwright

Whilst much information** and details has been distributed to members, it must be noted and stressed that it is RIBI RESTRUCTURING and not Redistricting that is being discussed. Unfortunately the first ‘botched’ attempt at Redistricting last September, has given all Rotarians the incorrect assumption that Restructuring is all about modifying Districts! In actual fact Restructuring is looking at the overall structure of Rotary in the UK (RIBI), not just Districts.

** See July 2013 edition of RIBI Services News – ‘Membership, Development & Retention’ - Click on ‘link’ Change by Choice

The form at the bottome of the District Restructuring page on the RIBI site allows you to send comments to the RIBI MDR Chair Amanda Watkin for members that were unable to attend an ACM to record their comments.

Brief Summary of ACM Outcomes - Please see Individual ACM Reports

At every ACM, the overall need for ‘Restructuring’ was queried. It was not clear to members, or indeed anyone, the real/actual reasons for ‘Restructuring’.

Given the current club and member status of D1060 (being well above the RI minimum 33 Clubs/1100 members), why the need for D1060 to even consider such a process.

The unanimous comment from each ACM was “We’re happy and wish to stay as we are, leave us alone, if it isn’t broke why fix it?”

Clubs in D1060 generally work well together not only within the ‘areas’, but across D1060 and neighbouring Districts.

Why ‘Restructuring’, as it arises just absorb ‘failing Districts’ into neighbouring Districts?

‘Restructuring’, a ‘distraction’, will not encourage new members indeed quite the opposite, with older experienced members not wishing to get involved, demotivated, possibly leave.

‘District’ What is the Role, Purpose, Is it needed? Benefit to members?

Rotary District Management model is outdated compared to current Business practices

Do we need ‘Districts’, District Meetings?

With larger Districts what financial impact on members?

District Trust and other Fund allocation.

Longer travel time to District meetings. (1 hour is an ‘ideal’ – i.e. D1060!).

BUT – more efficient?

Cost of: ‘Restructuring’ process (£5,000) better spent elsewhere, Membership?

RIBI – Is there a need?

What ‘expertise’ is being used at RIBI in regard to Restructuring? Outside agencies?

Current and larger District comparisons, subscriptions and ‘running costs’ etc.

D1060 Clubs on the District boundary may wish to consider moving, possibly to be part of a complete ‘County’ of clubs giving a more clearly defined District geographical area.

Membership (almost immediately at every ACM members raised the issue of ‘Membership’)

Aware of the need to recruit new and younger members – a generation gap!

Rotary Age Profile? Image? Resources? PR? HELP & HOW?

Support from RIBI? District?

MORE concern about Membership rather than ‘Restructuring’.

Realise the ‘real’ membership state of D1060 a lot of clubs with less than 15 members, average of a member in D1060 is 68.5 years and getting older (retention issues).

Where will D1060 be in 10 years time?

Communication can be difficult, either too much information, or insufficient, whilst e mail etc is easy not all members have access and/or are proficient in using ‘IT’.

Information is not always easy to find RI/RIBI/District websites, e mail ‘links’ etc.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who have so far taken part in the RIBI Restructuring process, members, clubs, Assistant Governors and the visiting ACM Facilitators.

IPDG Steve Cartwright

D1060 RIBI Restructuring Officer

9th August 2013 

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