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Why a New Site?

Dear District 1060 Rotarians,

This is a new site for Rotary District1060.  I hope that it will give us a more flexible platform to use when our membership campaign starts next spring.

I have seeded the user table with the names from District and Clubs as appeared in the directory.  Details have been updated with corrections too.  Everyone has a userid of the form "name - club" with the spaces.

Log on to this site is based on the same credentials used for Membership Access Portal (MAP).  This is the same as you should use for the RIBI site.

To log in follow this link: If you are already logged on this will show you your account details.

If you want to 'own' any content on the site (apart from new items which you automatically own) then let the webmaster know and I will give you the permissions needed to update things.

Dave Roberts, Webmaster.

New Features

Features available will be which we don't have now:

  • Flexible logon using Rotary, local, Twitter, LinkedIn, OpenID and hopefully Facebook credentials.
  • Blogs and Forums for news and discussions.
  • Web forms and polls to allow for data gathering.
  • Neat URLs to allow for easier publication and memory.,,
  • Feed out of new content to LinkedIn and Twitter; hoping to add Facebook later.
  • Integration of Google Calendar into the site so we can have one, public place for events.
  • Flexible layout of lists of site content with sorting and searching.
  • News items routed to front pages so as to avoid stale looking text.
  • Items appearing in several places on site so as to match a variety of access needs.
  • It is easier to arrange for experienced web users to help clubs.
  • I am hoping we will have a mailing list to replace 1060news.

Not directly because of the web site, but we can also issue mail addresses for users and functions:,,, ...

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